Don’t Do It: The 5 Most Harmful Hair Treatments

Today, the beauty industry is overflowing with all kinds of salon treatments that promise a luxurious head of hair in one or more sessions. But even the most highly effective of them have a lot of “buts”, ignoring which can lead to a result directly opposite to what you expected. We understand the subtleties of the issue in our material.

Не делайте это: 5 самых вредных процедур для волос

Salon hair care is constantly being transformed, but the demand for some procedures remains unchanged. At the same time, it is important to remember that no matter how popular the service is, its position in the market does not guarantee a positive effect specifically for you and can turn into a tragedy for your hair. Together with the hairdresser-colorist and hair restoration expert Olesya Uskova, we honestly talk about the pros and cons of the most popular salon procedures at the moment, which will help not to lose the choice and keep the hair healthy and beautiful.

The harmfulness of the procedure is determined by the degree of deformation of the hair, that is, the degree of destruction of the disulfide bonds of the hair (bridges that bind protein fibers together and form the shape of the hair) and, as a consequence, dehydration of the hair. So, we present to your attention the anti-rating of salon hair treatments, with which you should definitely be on your guard.

5. Botox for hair

Botox is the least dangerous procedure in our top. Botox fills the damaged areas of the hair with a special composition and makes it smoother. It does not straighten the hair, but preserves its natural structure. The effect lasts for 1.5-2 months.


Gives the strands a healthy and well-groomed appearance, removes fluffiness well, glues the split ends, gives the hair shine and makes them smoother. Botox is an ideal procedure for blondes (bleached or dyed), since the effect lasts many times longer on such hair.


When the composition is washed out, the effect disappears. Botox is also not done on natural hair — this is a common mistake of the masters. In this case, it is washed out very quickly — as a result, the hair is injured, and the effect is zero.

Не делайте это: 5 самых вредных процедур для волос

4. Keratin straightening

It is stronger in effect than Botox. Copes with curls — not with the coolest, but with sufficiently elastic. The effect lasts from 3 to 6 months. It is desirable to do this procedure on natural hair, or on hair dyed in one tone.


Gives a chic shine after the procedure, straightens the hair, removes fluffiness, glues the split ends.


Keratin straightening is highly undesirable to do on bleached hair. After washing out the composition, the curl is not restored. Botox and keratin straightening are contraindicated when working with damaged hair. These procedures are designed for healthy and strong hair, with a maximum of a slight degree of damage.

3. Nanoplasty

It is recommended for girls with an elastic and naturally dense curl and natural hair, or dyed in one tone. With fluffiness, keratin or botox is enough. The effect lasts from six months or longer.


Copes with a very elastic and tight curl. This is the strongest straightening procedure currently available on the market. Gives maximum shine.


It can not be used even on moderately damaged hair, admission to the procedure is possible only with a slight damage. In no case can it be done on bleached hair — only on natural hair or on dyed in one tone. The composition is not washed out completely and lasts until you cut off the hair. After washing out, the curl does not recover.  

Не делайте это: 5 самых вредных процедур для волос

2. Perming

This procedure allows you to turn straight unruly strands into elastic curly curls, as well as give them the missing volume.


It is beautiful and convenient if you want elastic curls and, as a result, voluminous styling. The hair becomes more pliable, voluminous and keeps styling longer due to changes in the structure of the hair.


It is never possible to combine perming and lightening, as there is a double destruction of the hair, which is practically not subject to restoration, but only to be maintained in a normal state with the help of deep reconstructions and restorative procedures. Most often, such a combination leads to a deplorable result.

When perming, you need to carefully select a master so that you get a high-quality cheat. Very often, when performing a perm, the hair is squeezed incorrectly, and it turns out at least ugly (unnatural curl), and at most – there is a hair fracture under the influence of drugs, and it can simply break off.

1. Discoloration

This is the most aggressive alkaline procedure that can be performed with hair.


It is beautiful when it is done qualitatively, when the discoloration takes place in combination with the procedures of restoration and deep reconstruction of the hair, and then toning is done. Then the hair remains in excellent condition despite the fact that this is one of the most aggressive procedures. Naturally, everything here will depend on the professionalism of the master.

All modern coloring techniques are performed using bleaching: AirTouch, shatush, total blonde from the roots are the most popular and most beautiful commercial works in beauty salons, or those pictures that 80% of customers show when they request coloring.

Не делайте это: 5 самых вредных процедур для волос


It is necessary to carefully select a master who is well versed in coloristics, in the compositions of bleaching products, since any of them should be selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the hair. The procedure carries great risks: if you make a mistake with the choice of a master and he turns out to be insufficiently qualified, it is quite possible to remain without hair.  


If you still decide to perform one of the above procedures, remember that success depends primarily on the competent choice of the master. Do not forget to tell him about the features of your hair (it will depend on whether this or that procedure is shown to you). Also pay attention to whether the master performs hair diagnostics, whether he gives advice on care after the procedure.

You will need:

The hairdresser is a colorist and an expert in hair restoration.

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