Does the Japanese long-breathing diet work

The truth and myths that still accompany “breathing exercises for weight loss”, from the Japanese actor Mike Riosuke.

Работает ли японская диета долгого дыхания

Japanese actor Mike Ryosuke suffered from severe back pain. He went to the doctor, who recommended one daily exercise for pain relief: Mika had to take a strong three-second breath and a long seven-second exhalation. The exercise had to be given from two to five minutes a day. It is unknown whether the actor got rid of back pain, but he surprisingly lost weight. In a week, Ryosuke lost about 13 kilograms and decreased by 12 centimeters in the waist. A happy 55-year-old Japanese man called this achievement a “long breath diet” and founded his own method of losing weight. 

What is the essence of the “diet”?

The Riosuke breathing technique consists in a certain sequence of inhalation and exhalation with the correct body position. As mentioned above, inhale should be short (3 seconds) and exhale long (7 seconds). At the same time, both inhalation and exhalation should be strong, intense and even aggressive. It is very important to breathe in this way in a special position. 

Depending on the posture, two techniques of the “long breath diet” differ. In the first case, it is necessary to strain the buttocks and stand in the position of one leg in front of the other, transferring the weight of the body to the “back” leg. You need to inhale by raising your hands above your head. Exhale — straining all the muscles of the body. In the second variant, the position of the legs is similar, only one hand should be placed on the stomach, the other on the lower back, the buttocks should be strained and in this position both inhales and exhales should be performed. 

Ryosuke promises that breathing practice will strengthen muscles and increase metabolism (the video is in Japanese, but allows you to evaluate the physical form of the guru himself and the author’s technique of performing exercises).

How it works in theory…

Followers of the Japanese and inventors of new respiratory diets support the method, and it seems that everything is simple. “Fat consists of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. When the oxygen we inhale reaches the fat cells, it breaks them down to carbon dioxide and water. The blood captures carbon dioxide molecules and automatically “pulls” them into the lungs to exit. Thus, we breathe and lose weight, and the more oxygen our bodies use, the more fat we burn,” saysJill Johnson, creator of the Oxycise program!

Why is the “long breath diet” very popular? It is affordable (free), easy (5 minutes of exercise a day) and pleasant (no need to give up your favorite foods).

Работает ли японская диета долгого дыхания

“Deep Breathing Diet” in 10 seconds

Ryosuke also emphasized that deep breathing encourages lymph flow. As you know, unlike blood, which is constantly circulating with the help of the circulatory system, the lymph does not have a “pump” that would help it move. At the same time, stagnation of lymph is categorically not recommended – this leads to both a general deterioration of well-being and an exacerbation of chronic diseases. Stimulation of lymph flow is also sent to the piggy bank of the advantages of “Riosuke breathing” – it has a very beneficial effect on both health and physical fitness. 

… and in practice

Of course, there are those who criticize the “long breath diet”, and there are many of them. First of all, the name causes a protest: the word “diet” is misleading, because there are no nutritional recommendations in this technique – it does not concern food at all. And this, without a doubt, is just a marketing ploy, quite in the spirit of the advertising space of 2012 (the time of the appearance and heyday of the “Ryosuke diet”). The followers of the Japanese were a little more correct in advertising their products, calling them breathing exercises, breathing techniques, breathing exercises for weight loss, etc. 

The chief physiologist of the British Olympic Medical Center, Richard Godfrey, also strongly doubts the effectiveness of two-minute breathing exercises for weight loss: “The laws of physiology are such that in two minutes it is impossible to burn enough calories to tone the body. Such a diet, if I may say so, can even disrupt the balance of oxygen and carbon in the blood, and this is fraught with dizziness and fainting.”

Работает ли японская диета долгого дыхания

Like any not completely transparent method of weight loss, the “long breath diet” was not spared by anti-advertising

The statement is true. Muscle contraction caused by aggressive breathing does indeed mobilize fat reserves to some extent, but to a very small extent. Only high-energy aerobic sports break down fat, turning it into fuel. Breathing, no matter how intense it is, will burn 2% fat at best. Therefore, really effective weight loss requires a lot of effort. In order not to harm your health, careful nutritionists advise you to use proven ways to lose a couple of extra pounds, for example, fasting days. 

To be fair, today weight loss techniques based on breathing techniques do not present breathing exercises as the main factor in fat burning.

Many of them (but, alas, not all) honestly advise combining proper breathing with physical activity, for example, with yoga. On the other hand, breathing practice can be a good first step for those who begin to dive into the sea of information about weight loss and rapid weight loss. The “long breath diet” is relatively safe, but at the same time has a beneficial effect on all types of physical exercises: deep breathing saturates cells and tissues with oxygen, which will not burn fat, but will help the body get rid of toxins, accelerate metabolism and enhance the penetration of nutrients into the blood. 

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