Cosmetic procedures during pregnancy: what is possible, what is not

Coloring, massage, gel manicure, self-tanning: what can and cannot be done while you are waiting for the baby to appear.

Косметические процедуры при беременности: что можно, что нельзя

Pregnancy changes everything. Of course, this is not news, but sometimes a timely word helps to realize the seriousness of the situation. Starting from the first minute of your “non-single”, everything that you put on your skin and everything that enters your body affects not only you, but also the child growing inside. While some innovations in your diet and lifestyle may seem obvious, with a beauty routine, everything is much more complicated – searching for answers on the Internet will definitely lead you to a rabbit hole in mom forums. At the same time, not everyone can independently adjust the usual care and cosmetic procedures that can be resorted to during pregnancy. We decided to help, turned to experts and put together a complete guide for future beautiful mothers.

Hair coloring

“If you are thinking about hair coloring during pregnancy, first of all consult with your doctor. Each pregnancy is different from the others, in fact, just like every doctor. If you can, stick to using basal toning sprays in the first trimester. In the second trimester, as a rule, you can already go to the salon. I recommend semi-permanent paints to paint over gray hair, or permanent dye without ammonia if you need to completely dye your hair. The safest way is to highlight the color of individual strands, since this technique does not imply a direct effect on the scalp,” says Nikki Lee, owner of the salon and ambassador Garnier.

Косметические процедуры при беременности: что можно, что нельзя

Laser hair removal

“Complete safety is the main concern of modern cosmetology. In serious beauty clinics with a good long-standing reputation, all procedures, including laser hair removal, are carried out by licensed certified specialists who are well versed in what they do. Although laser hair removal is harmless in itself, at the moment there is not enough evidence that laser hair removal is safe for the developing fetus, so expectant mothers are usually not offered such a procedure,” says dermatologist Elena Sedykh.

Botox and fillers

“As a mother of two girls, I went through all these searches and questions. As a doctor, I can strongly say that injections should not be given while you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The reason is that we don’t know what happens when a woman gets pregnant. We don’t have enough information about exactly how botox and fillers affect the body, we also don’t know exactly what happens to the body when someone is breastfeeding. Therefore, the best solution is to put your safety and the safety of the child first, which means avoiding any injections during pregnancy or breastfeeding,” explains Doctor, PhD, Irina Gladstein.

Gel manicure

“In general, it is absolutely safe to do gel manicure and/or acrylic nails during pregnancy. I know many masters who continued to do nails in the salon throughout pregnancy, and this did not cause any problems. There is no health risk, but since we are all different, we need to remember that pregnancy can increase sensitivity to various ingredients. “If you notice an allergic reaction, stop the procedure,” says Tom Bachik, manicure master and ambassador of the OPI brand. – I recommend to do a manicure with a coating (whether you are pregnant or not) only in well-ventilated salons with licensed specialists who use sterilized or disposable instruments.

Косметические процедуры при беременности: что можно, что нельзя

One more thing. There were concerns about the use of UV lamps, without which the gel coating would not stick on the nails – many were afraid of excessive exposure to UV rays. In fact, you should not worry about this. Here’s a quote from the FDA’s website: “To date, we have not received any reports of burns or skin cancer attributed to these lamps.”


“If pregnancy proceeds without complications, you should try prenatal massage (after the first trimester and in consultation with your doctor). It helps to calm the muscles that move and grow as the baby grows. Massage also reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and swelling in the following months. When you sign up for a massage, be sure to warn a specialist that you are pregnant and tell me what your term is. Not all therapists are trained in prenatal massage, so if you do not notify the Spa, there’s a chance that you will meet with a therapist who does not own the necessary equipment, and will eventually receive more stress than before the procedure, ─ shares his experience of Svetlana Morozova, master massage with 15 years of experience. — During pregnancy, I would advise you to avoid the rituals, which involve heating and hot stones. It is also better to postpone procedures using aromatherapy, again due to increased sensitivity to individual components.”

Косметические процедуры при беременности: что можно, что нельзя

Self – tanning

“During the first trimester, it’s better not to rush with spray tanning: wait until your doctor says that everything is fine. After the first three months of pregnancy, if necessary, you can return to a rich skin color. Spray tanning does not enter the bloodstream because it is distributed only over the upper layer of the epidermis, where the skin is renewed after an average of 10 days, so it is absolutely safe,” explains Sophie Evans, the most famous tanning expert in Saint Tropez. ─ And yet it’s better to start with a trial test. Spray the product on a small area of skin and wait a couple of days to make sure there is no negative reaction. After that, follow the usual pattern, but still without too much fanaticism.”

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