“Childbirth rejuvenates the body” and 5 more popular myths about pregnancy that you still believe in

Which is safer: caesarean section or natural childbirth? What “rumors” about pregnancy are still not worth believing and why? We understand in detail the most important issues.

«Роды омолаживают организм» и еще 5 популярных мифов о беременности, в которые вы все еще верите

The topic of pregnancy and childbirth is surrounded by many myths, only a small part of which has real grounds, and yet we stubbornly continue to believe in them. We suggest working with specialists to find out whether childbirth really rejuvenates the body, and cesarean section is the safest way.

What happens to the body during pregnancy?

A normal pregnancy that ends with the birth of a healthy baby is a physiological process. Such a mechanism of procreation is laid down by nature itself.

A lot of things change in a woman’s body at this stage, in particular:

  • New hormones are produced, the level of existing ones increases. All these hormones (progesterone, estrogens and hCG) are produced by the placenta;

  • The consumption of vitamins and trace elements increases;

  • The blood supply increases and some types of metabolic processes are activated .

On the other hand, pregnancy is a test of a woman’s body for strength. Internal organs begin to experience discomfort and tightness, which directly affects their work. It is during this period that weaknesses are revealed. Pregnancy often aggravates the course of chronic diseases, can provoke their exacerbation or cause complications.

How does the process of childbirth affect a woman?

The hormonal status of a woman after childbirth is experiencing changes again. This is due, among other things, to sleepless nights and breastfeeding. A woman needs a lot of strength and patience.

The production of stress hormones (cortisol) increases, thyroid function may be impaired against the background of autoimmune diseases (thyrotoxicosis, hypothyroidism).  But this is physiology, and we can support the body of a woman who gave birth with multivitamins and trace elements. After the birth of a child, the body gradually returns to the state in which it was before conception. A lot depends on how the birth took place: through natural routes or by caesarean section. 

“All these moments, and most importantly, the initial data that were at the start of pregnancy, affect the health and condition of a woman in the postpartum period,” notes Ekaterina Igorevna Shulakova, an obstetrician—gynecologist, hemostasis specialist of the Nova Clinic network of centers for reproduction and genetics. 

«Роды омолаживают организм» и еще 5 популярных мифов о беременности, в которые вы все еще верите

Childbirth rejuvenates the body

No, after the birth of a child, the body only returns to the state in which it was before conception. Moreover, this restructuring also requires effort and time.

“However, the positive effects of childbirth, although they have nothing to do with rejuvenation, are still there—” says the endocrinologist of the Nova Clinic network of centers for reproduction and genetics Natalia Viktorovna Kovaleva. — For example, if a woman in labor is over 33 years old, this reduces the risk of stroke and osteoporosis. However, this applies only to healthy women.”

Caesarean section is safer than natural childbirth

Not true. Caesarean section is a serious operation that is prescribed only for strict indications. Such surgical intervention:

  • Accompanied by more frequent blood loss;

  • It can lead to inflammatory and thrombotic complications.

In addition, recovery after abdominal surgery is longer than after natural childbirth.

Pain in childbirth can not be removed by anything

In fact, you can. Now the free behavior of a woman during childbirth is practiced. The expectant mother can go to the shower and sit on the fitball . Breathing techniques, light massage and the presence of a loved one nearby help to alleviate the condition. All this distracts, and the pain is slightly reduced. If it is still too strong, you can ask doctors to do an epidural anesthesia.

«Роды омолаживают организм» и еще 5 популярных мифов о беременности, в которые вы все еще верите

Episiotomy is just an extra safety net 

Recall that episiotomy is understood as manipulation involving dissection of the tissues of the perineum and the posterior wall of the vagina in the second period of labor. 

As you know, lacerations are always the most undesirable, since there is a possibility of infection and prolonged healing. Therefore, if there is a risk of rupture of the perineum, it is always worth performing an even and sterile incision. It is much more convenient for surgeons to carefully sew smooth edges of the wound than torn and crushed ones. 

After a cesarean section, you can not give birth on your own

It is not true. Currently, childbirth with a scar on the uterus after cesarean section is possible. Of course, much will depend on the conditions of the previous operation, the obstetric situation, the usefulness of the scar on the uterus at 38-39 weeks of pregnancy. If the thickness, condition of the scar and the course of this pregnancy allow, then natural childbirth is possible under careful ultrasound control and with the participation of highly qualified specialists.

Obstetrician-gynecologist, hemostasiologist of the Nova Clinic network of reproduction and genetics centers.

Endocrinologist of the Nova Clinic network of Reproduction and Genetics centers.

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