Beauty tourism: what kind of plastic surgery foreigners go to Russia for – says the expert

We understand why domestic clinics are in high demand among foreigners, as well as which operations are most in demand.

Бьюти-туризм: за какими пластическими операциями иностранцы едут в Россию — рассказывает эксперт

Traveling to other countries for medical services is a popular trend that has been in demand for a long time. Russia is not the most popular location on this list, but it ranks fifth in terms of the attractiveness of medical services for foreign tourists. First of all, because of the ruble exchange rate – that’s why the country has a good influx of foreigners who come for beauty treatments and medical services. In addition, the growth in the quality of domestic services has grown significantly over the years, and as of today our plastic surgeons are not inferior in professionalism to foreign colleagues, and the number of tourists who have become even more active in coming to Russia in recent years as part of beauty tourism is proof of that.  

Amjad Al-Yousef, a plastic and maxillofacial surgeon, will tell you about the procedures that foreign citizens most often apply to Russian clinics, and also explain what exactly caused this trend.

Injection procedures

Бьюти-туризм: за какими пластическими операциями иностранцы едут в Россию — рассказывает эксперт

One of the most popular services is injection procedures: botox, mesotherapy, biorevitalization and so on. In other countries, the same procedures are much more expensive than ours, and the quality remains at the same level, so it is not difficult for women and men who want to receive this or that cosmetology service to arrive once every six months / year to receive invasive rejuvenation procedures, which, as a rule, they do immediately several at a time. Again, for the sake of saving both money and time.  


The next procedure of youth, for which people often come to Russia, is blepharoplasty of the upper, lower or upper and lower eyelids at the same time (circular blepharoplasty). This trend began to form since the time of ophthalmologist Svyatoslav Fedorov, when people from different cities and countries went to the eye microsurgery center for eye surgery. Since then, especially for residents of developing countries, it seemed that it was necessary to treat the eyes only in Russia — this contributed to the formation of the opinion that blepharoplasty should also be done only in our country. However, we really do this procedure at the level. 


Бьюти-туризм: за какими пластическими операциями иностранцы едут в Россию — рассказывает эксперт

Mammoplasty occupies a leading position among all plastic surgeries not only in Russia, but also around the world. Beautiful breasts are the dream of many women, and today it is not so difficult to realize this dream, especially considering the fact that there are really a lot of good specialists and a large selection of high-quality implants on the Russian market. It is worth noting that most often foreigners go to Russia to a certain specialist, and not only because of the low price. The cost of services, of course, affects the decision to go to another country for surgery, but no one wants to face problems in the future or work on mistakes due to unprofessional actions of a plastic surgeon.   

Founder of the DMC Center for Innovative Medicine, plastic, maxillofacial surgeon.

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