Beautiful without makeup: 5 effective tips

The dream of not using make-up tools and looking your best, fortunately, is realizable.

Красивая без макияжа: 5 действенных советов

The day when you wake up and don’t start fussing in front of the mirror to enlist a spectacular look and a radiant skin tone for the whole day may come today if you take note of the life hacks collected in this material: it turns out that giving up daily make-up rituals is not such an impossible task.

1. Do not neglect dietary supplements

Vitamins C, E, collagen and biotin – these components are often not enough for us in our daily diet, and it is sometimes not possible to adjust their normal consumption. That is why experts focus on the need to consume these substances as biological additives. Phytoceramides that retain moisture in the deep layers of the skin will help maintain the level of hydration of the skin, and herbal supplements in the absence of allergies are often recommended for the prevention of acne.

Красивая без макияжа: 5 действенных советов

2. Pay special attention to brushing your teeth

Sometimes a snow-white smile turns out to be more effective than all make-up tools combined, so make it a rule: brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes with a 45-degree tilt of the bristles – with short, frequent movements. Especially carefully approach the choice of toothpaste: in its composition, be sure to look for fluorite, which helps strengthen tooth enamel. Also, do not forget that ideally the toothbrush should be changed every three months, as well as actively resort to the help of a floss thread “).

3. Don’t forget to do detox sessions for your skin

It is important to help the skin get rid of accumulated toxins that affect its beauty and health. Of course, you’ve probably heard about care products that supposedly can arrange a large-scale cleaning of your dermis. However, it is important to remember that the most effective cleansing is cleansing from the inside. That is why you should include smoothies based on green vegetables, detox teas in your diet and visit the sauna more often so that the skin does not feel pressure from excess and therefore harmful to it load of toxins.

Красивая без макияжа: 5 действенных советов

4. Moisturizing — in the first place: creams and serums

The dull, as if sunken skin of the face is a clear result of its insufficient hydration. Unfortunately, in the captivity of the crazy rhythm of city life, we often forget that the first step on the way to beautiful skin is water. And the most important thing in this rule is the consumption of the cherished H2O inside: at least 2 liters per day.

However, if this figure remains unattainable, do not give up and stock up on a set of moisturizing serums and creams. With their help, it will be easier for your skin to get rid of dead cells and clogged pores. Some serums contain a number of useful nutrients necessary for proper nutrition of the dermis — and they too will not be superfluous.

5. Join the FOREO Active Beauty School

Красивая без макияжа: 5 действенных советов

This year, the innovative hi-tech brand FOREO, which is one of the main suppliers of technological gadgets in the beauty industry, pleased us with two important breakthroughs: firstly, the release of LUNA 3, a new smart brush for skin cleansing and toning facial massage, and secondly, the long-awaited launch. Now every week on the official website of the Swedish brand you will be able to join coaching sessions in three areas: Fitness, Psychology and MakeUp. Given the amount of daily stress that falls on our beauty every day, such lessons from the first professionals in their field will be a breath of fresh air and a great resource for maintaining beauty on a regular basis.

Красивая без макияжа: 5 действенных советов

LUNA 3 gadget line

You can buy LUNA 3 exclusively in 10 Rive Gauche stores (in Moscow and St. Petersburg), and the entire Golden Apple store chain.

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