Beach waves: how to make careless curls

The “beach waves” styling is the best fit for summer and looks equally appropriate at work and at the wedding of the best friend.

Beach waves: как сделать небрежные локоны

The concept of “styling” for most girls is associated with some special occasion, such as New Year or birthday. In fact, styling is as natural a routine self-care as highlighting the eyes with mascara or cheekbones with blush. Natural styling presents your hair in a more favorable light, adds volume and shine to it and, after several workouts, will not take much time.

How to make beach waves:

  • Wash your head with your favorite products and dry your hair with a towel.

  • Apply a moisturizing serum or any other indelible product to the tips — it will make the hair denser and more obedient.

  • Gently comb wet hair and spray them with a small amount of sea salt spray, which will add texture to the hair and create the same effect of hair after swimming in the ocean.

  • Dry your hair with a hair dryer and comb the dried hair so that it is convenient to work with them further.

Beach waves: как сделать небрежные локоны

  • Next, in a free order, highlighting individual strands, wind the hair on the forceps. Start from the face to the back of the head.

  • Start winding the curl from the roots to the ends, the direction of the twist is from the face, the number of turns of the strand around the forceps is from two to three. A prerequisite is that the ends of the hair should remain almost straight, as this will avoid the effect of doll curls. Do not try to wind each strand perfectly straight, because the most important thing in this styling is just carelessness.

  • After all the curls have cooled down, shake the whole mass of hair with your hands. And again, spray a small amount of sea salt spray on the entire length, which will fix the styling and give the hair a matte texture.

Beach waves: как сделать небрежные локоны

  • To make the styling look natural and casual, lightly dry your hair with warm air to loosen the curl.

  • Fix the hair with a nail polish.

Beach waves: как сделать небрежные локоны

The laying is ready!

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