Acids and pharmacy cosmetics: beauty secrets and Emily Ratajkowski’s favorite remedies

Emrata told what helps her relax and why she didn’t like her hair before.

Кислоты и аптечная косметика: бьюти-секреты и любимые средства Эмили Ратаковски

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski told British Vogue about her beauty routine and shared her favorite products (spoiler: you can buy some of them in Russia).

In addition to beauty, Emrata talked about how she wrote the book “My Body”: initially, the book was not about relationships with the body, Emily realized this later when she came up with the name. She says her relationship with her body has changed a lot. How her care has also changed over time.

Morning beauty routine

In the morning, Emrata is woken up by her son. The first thing she does is change his diaper, feed him, and then pour herself coffee. Then there is the beauty routine, which consists of washing, toner, moisturizer and sanskrit. The model says that her care is different from the one she had at the age of 20: then she practically did not use cosmetics. After that, Emily quickly gets dressed and leaves the house.

The secret of beautiful hair

Emrata is an ambassador of Kerastase, but the model says that love with the brand has developed not only because of the contract. Ratajkowski has always believed that she has bad hair, with which nothing can be done. Previously, her hair did not grow back: it reached a certain length, and then it broke off treacherously. And Emrata knew practically nothing about good remedies. Now the secret of her curls is the Extentioniste line: the funds are aimed at strengthening the strength of the hair.

Кислоты и аптечная косметика: бьюти-секреты и любимые средства Эмили Ратаковски

Favorite foods

“I wash my face every evening, or rather, I try to do it,” the model shares. Emrata loves Bioderma micellar water for the fact that it effectively removes makeup and at the same time does not tighten the skin. She also uses Biologique Recherche P50 exfoliating lotion. Emrata does not like retinol products, so she prefers acids.

Another favorite is the Biafine moisturizer: “Once I was very badly burned in the sun, this cream was a salvation.” She also likes Aquaphor from Eucerin: “It seems that pharmacy products have a bad reputation, but I like them.” In addition, Emily’s friend, who works in the beauty industry, told her that there is no difference in funds: they are produced at the same factory, just the packaging is different.

Кислоты и аптечная косметика: бьюти-секреты и любимые средства Эмили Ратаковски

Rituals that help you relax

“I watch an hour of TikTok — that’s how I disconnect from everything. There is nothing more relaxing and interesting for me. I like it when people tell stories there or mention some fact about themselves,” Ratajkowski says. She believes that TikTok is not like any other social network, it’s like Netflix or Hulu. “It’s funny and makes me think well of other people,” explains Emrata.

The secret of an ideal life

“I listen to my instincts. And I’m looking for happiness,” says Emily.

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