A nocturnal symptom of the onset of diabetes that you may not notice

Are you afraid of disorders related to sugar and hormones? Check the early symptoms of the onset of diabetes if you want to protect yourself from dangerous consequences.

March 10, 2022

Ночной симптом наступающего диабета, который вы можете не заметить

Diabetes is an endocrine disease characterized by a violation of the regulation of blood sugar levels as a result of an inability to respond to insulin or a deficiency of the necessary hormone. The first type of diabetes is characterized by the fact that the body’s immune system destroys the cells that produce insulin. The second, more common type of diabetes is characterized by the fact that the body does not produce enough insulin or the body’s cells simply do not respond to insulin.

In both cases, the end result of the disorder is a high glucose level, which, if not controlled, causes serious damage to nerve endings. It is not easy to recognize the symptoms of an endocrine disease, because it affects the work of the whole body, but there is one clear sign that the blood sugar level becomes chronically high, which can manifest itself at night. Perhaps it will help to notice the onset of diabetes and take the necessary measures in a timely manner.

Ночной симптом наступающего диабета, который вы можете не заметить

Hormonal fluctuations can cause an increase in blood sugar levels, regardless of whether a person suffers from diabetes. However, if chronic high blood sugar levels are ignored, this condition begins to give clear warning signs. Since symptoms usually do not appear before the blood sugar level rises significantly, the disease can often occur in the initial stages, when the condition is still reversible. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to unusual symptoms. One of them is a night headache, which may turn out to be an early warning that the blood sugar level is too high.

Pain can occur at this time of day, because blood sugar levels rise when a person is sleeping, and at this time the symptoms may become more obvious. The Diabetribe health website explains: “If you have high blood sugar levels at night, you may experience symptoms of hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia or “high glucose” is not defined by one specific glucose level. While many people aim to keep their blood sugar levels below 180 mg/dl during the day, some people aim for a lower range of 120 or 140 mg/dl at night when they are not eating. Nocturnal symptoms of hyperglycemia include poor sleep, frequent awakenings to urinate or drink water, headache, dry mouth, nausea.”

Ночной симптом наступающего диабета, который вы можете не заметить

Although blood sugar levels can indeed rise at night, it is worth noting that the increase is rarely significant enough to harm the body. This means that you can pay attention to other symptoms of elevated blood sugar levels.

For example, excess glucose is notorious for its connection with nerve damage, so that its consequence sometimes becomes improper functioning of the sweat glands. This can lead to insufficient or excessive sweating, depending on how the glands are damaged.

Ночной симптом наступающего диабета, который вы можете не заметить

When the nerves stop functioning, diabetic neuropathy can develop, which in severe cases can lead to amputation. Constant tingling in the hands and feet may indicate a high blood sugar level. In addition, it is worth paying attention to all kinds of skin reactions, which may also indicate the onset of diabetes.

There are several ways to regulate blood sugar levels. It is important to drink more water, which helps to remove glucose. Controlling the consumption of carbohydrates will also not be superfluous, since the body breaks down nutrients into sugar. It is better to give preference to complex carbohydrates rich in fiber. Such products will also help maintain optimal weight). And don’t forget that exercise is necessary not only for a perfect figure, but also in order to maintain blood sugar levels within a healthy range up to 48 hours.

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