9 tips for fast nail growth

If you want to get strong and healthy nails as soon as possible, these beauty hacks will come in very handy.

9 советов для быстрого роста ногтей

Short brittle nails can become a big pain — both literally and figuratively. If all sorts of tricks and false analogues are not your option, and you are for a more natural approach to manicure, it’s too early to give up long nails. Hacks from specialists and proper care will help to support and accelerate their growth — and the implementation of the recommendations collected in this material will definitely not take much time. Here are some effective tips that will help nails quickly reach the length of your dreams.

1. Moisturize

Drinking enough water is important for many aspects of health, and nails should not be an exception. If the body is dehydrated, then you can not dream of healthy growth of nails, hair and new skin cells. And if the good old H20 is not your favorite, think about “moisturizing” drinks — such as, for example, coconut water. Or add some fresh fruit juice and pieces of fruit to the water: so it will taste better (and instagrammer).

9 советов для быстрого роста ногтей

Hand lotion, Fabulous Hands, Margaret Dabbs

2. Take folic acid

Also known as vitamin B9, this important mineral can be found in dietary supplements and in foods such as legumes and whole grains. One of the key functions of folic acid is the restoration of cells that form the structure of nails. It will help the nail plates grow faster, make them stronger and protect them from breakage.

9 советов для быстрого роста ногтей

Golden Hand Mask, Jelly Golden Mask, Fedua

3. Increase the amount of protein

Sufficient protein is important for overall health and proper nutrition, but it can also affect nails and the rate at which they grow. Make sure you get the recommended amount of protein daily to help your nails grow long and strong”).

9 советов для быстрого роста ногтей

Nail firmer, Trind

4. Take keratin supplements

Keratin is not just a hair care product (as many people think), it is also what is included in the nails. So taking supplements with this component will help to give the nail plates elasticity: it works almost the same way as in the case of hair. It can be taken orally or applied as part of a skin oil.

9 советов для быстрого роста ногтей

Keratin serum for nails and cuticles, Radical, Christina Fitzgerald

5. Use oils and serums for cuticles

Moisturizing the skin is an important part of any grooming ritual, and the cuticle is no exception. With regular use of cuticle oils, it is possible to reduce the fragility of nails and reduce the number of chips, preserving their health and flexibility of things for cuticle care in winter”).

9 советов для быстрого роста ногтей

Monarda Oil, Element

6. Stop biting

This may seem obvious, but for many it is much easier said than done. One of the most common nervous habits is biting your nails. To get rid of it, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a bitter–tasting nail polish — this is the cheapest solution to the problem, but more expensive – to identify physical or mental triggers that encourage you to this harmful action for nails.

9 советов для быстрого роста ногтей

Smart Enamel “Gnaw – I don’t want to, Frenchi

7. Keep your nails short

Rounded edges break less and are harder to damage. The same applies to shorter nails. It may seem counterintuitive to keep the length small if you want nails to grow fast, but it works. Let the nails get stronger, and then grow them to the desired length. If you have brittle nails, to maintain their shape, we recommend switching to a crystal nail file (and not the traditional “sandpaper”).

9 советов для быстрого роста ногтей

Nourishing nail cream, Creme Abricot, Dior

8. Avoid acetone

A popular ingredient in nail polish removers — acetone — is a powerful chemical that can quickly remove nail polish, and with it natural oils that keep nails healthy and hydrated. What do you get in the end? Dryness and fragility. So avoid removing the varnish with acetone-based products and choose more natural products.

9 советов для быстрого роста ногтей

Acetone-free nail polish remover, Mavala

9. Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes

When the hands are under water for a long time, they are oversaturated with it, and the same applies to the nails. When they absorb too much water, the nails become weaker and drier, which leads to breakage and cracks that hinder growth. Therefore, when washing dishes, be sure to protect your hands with rubber gloves. If you use harsh chemical cleaners, be sure to use gloves as a barrier. Household chemicals, like water, harms nails by drying them.

9 советов для быстрого роста ногтей

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