8 signs that your bra doesn’t fit You

We analyze the most common mistakes in the selection of sconces and explain why the admission of at least one of them will adversely affect not only your beauty, but also your health.

8 признаков того, что ваш бюстгальтер вам не подходит

Choosing the perfect underwear is not an easy task. One mistake — and the chic image will be instantly ruined. Meanwhile, it turns out that the risk of looking bad is not as terrible as the fact that a low-quality bra can cause irreparable damage to women’s health. Redness, heaviness in the shoulders, circulatory disorders and downward pressure — if, while reading these lines, you feel tightness or discomfort in the chest area, then most likely it’s time for you to part with your old sconce and look into your favorite lingerie store.    

And to make shopping faster and easier, remember the following eight signs, in the presence of which it is strictly forbidden to buy a bra.

Breasts constantly fall out of cups

8 признаков того, что ваш бюстгальтер вам не подходит

The first and most obvious sign that it’s time to visit a lingerie store is an unsuitable cup size. If your chest is trying to “get out” when bending or jumping, then it’s time to arm yourself with a centimeter and come to the conclusion that it’s time to switch to a smaller sconce. It is necessary to do this, and immediately: after all, if the bra is not able to hold the breast “in place”, there is a risk that very soon it will lose its shape under natural weight. The danger only increases if you go to the gym in one of these sconces. 

As a rule, if the breast falls out from below, then the bra is big for you, if it is small from above, which, in turn, causes no less reasons to think about changing the sconce. The fact is that when choosing a smaller bra, the cups “cut into” the skin, which prevents normal blood circulation and causes a feeling of stiffness and discomfort.

Do you feel a heaviness in your shoulders

8 признаков того, что ваш бюстгальтер вам не подходит

It’s enough that half of us have already earned scoliosis because of heavy bags and a sedentary lifestyle – you should not overload your shoulders and back with an incorrectly selected bra. The main rule in this case: straps should never cause discomfort. If you feel even the slightest heaviness, immediately abandon this sconce.

What is the danger of too tight straps. The pressure that the chest exerts on the straps leads to the fact that they “cut” into the skin and leave not only ugly marks on the body, but also cause swelling on the back. You begin to hunch over, your posture deteriorates, and the pain in your shoulders becomes permanent.

Solution: distribute the load between the shoulders and ribs. In fact, the belt of the bodice should take most of the weight of the breast, acting for her as something like a “shelf”. Straps are just a pick—up element, so if you are the owner of a large bust, memorize the above rule as a mantra.

The bra belt does not fit snugly enough to the body

8 признаков того, что ваш бюстгальтер вам не подходит

The following follows logically from the previous paragraph: the bra belt “takes over” 80% of the load, so if it does not encircle the chest tightly enough, there is a risk that all the weight will go to the shoulders. And how it threatens your beauty, we have already written.

You are constantly correcting him

8 признаков того, что ваш бюстгальтер вам не подходит

If it seems to you that you are literally struggling with your bra all the time, then pulling it up, then lowering it down is a sure sign that the bra does not fit you in size. The most common mistake is to choose a model with small cups and a stretched belt. On the other hand, a lot of discomfort can be provided by a too tight base, because of which, among other things, our silhouette acquires a “bumpy” and unaesthetic appearance. Attention to the clasps will help to avoid embarrassment: if, when trying on the bodice, they are stretched and seem to be about to come off, then you should pick up a bra a size larger.

He rubs you

8 признаков того, что ваш бюстгальтер вам не подходит

It’s bad when a thing causes discomfort. When it causes pain, it cannot be tolerated. If your bra has left calluses and redness on the skin at least once, then it should be thrown away immediately.

Most often, painful sensations occur due to the fact that the skin under the bodice secretes sweat, as a result of which the friction produced by an incorrectly selected bra is felt stronger. The correct choice of fabric will help solve the problem (it should consist of natural fibers and allow air to pass through), skin hydration, as well as the selection of models in which the length of the belt and straps is regulated. When choosing a wall lamp for training, this rule, of course, works with extreme rigor.

The straps fall off

8 признаков того, что ваш бюстгальтер вам не подходит

If the straps of your bra fall off treacherously during the day, despite the fact that you regularly tighten them every morning, then the outcome is inevitable: you need to abandon it (or change the straps in it, if they are removable). As mentioned above, straps mainly play the role of insurance, so if you do not need to additionally support the chest, then you can completely neglect them (of course, provided that you pay due attention to the selection of the belt).

But if there is such a need, or you just like models with straps, then when buying, pay attention to the strength of the loops, and also make sure that the sconce belt is not located above the nipple line — otherwise, the straps will simply have nothing to support, and they will fall off.

Have you lost weight

8 признаков того, что ваш бюстгальтер вам не подходит

No matter how many of us would like the opposite, unfortunately, with the loss of kilograms, we lose precious volumes in the bust area. This consequence, alas, will have to be accepted and, going to the store for a smaller wardrobe, include new bras in your shop-list.

As a rule, the breast begins to decrease with the loss of 4.5 to 7 kilograms (of course, we are talking about those cases when excess weight really takes place). It is within this interval that our bust acquires its natural size and, most likely, with the continuation of the diet, it will no longer decrease. Visually, you can understand that it’s time to change the bra by looking at the cups and the belt. If there are folds on the edges of the cups, and a finger passes freely between the chest and the belt, then the sconce is too big for you.

The bra jumper does not separate the breasts

8 признаков того, что ваш бюстгальтер вам не подходит

A high-quality bra not only supports the breasts, but also separates the mammary glands so that each one is “in its place”. If the jumper (the part of the bodice that is in the very center) simply lifts the breast up and does not separate it, then such a sconce will not only not last long, but will also spoil the appearance of the mammary glands, creating the effect that it is “glued”. The same applies to the bodices, in which there is no jumper at all, and the chest is supported only from the outer sides. 

Summary: comfort, comfort and comfort again

8 признаков того, что ваш бюстгальтер вам не подходит

If you, no matter how much you look closely, do not see any external defects in your sconce, trust your feelings. Redness, tightening, sweating, feeling of heaviness — even if you just think during the day about how a bra sits on you, it means that it definitely does not suit you. Remember: a high—quality sconce is an extension of your skin, and it should never be felt at all. So, when choosing your next new thing, always try to choose your size, give preference to natural fabrics and adjustable models. In this case, you will not only look tempting, but also keep your breasts healthy.   

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