8 dietary products that provoke overeating

Did you know that “healthy” foods are not as good as they seem? Here, for example, are the eight real provocateurs – instead of satisfying hunger, they excite the appetite.

8 диетических продуктов, провоцирующих переедание

A green smoothie, some unsweetened cereal with berries, a sandwich with low-fat cheese and a glass of natural yogurt – it seems that this is how you imagine the ideal “healthy” breakfast. Alas… None of these products will not only satisfy hunger, but, on the contrary, will only whet the appetite.

Whole grain bread

8 диетических продуктов, провоцирующих переедание

Perhaps this is one of the biggest food discoveries in recent times. It turns out that whole grain bread is not as perfect as you might think. It does not satisfy hunger at all and, on the contrary, can even lead to an even greater desire to eat. The thing is that whole grain bread has a high glycemic index. It raises blood sugar levels even more than a chocolate bar. Then, when the sugar level starts to drop sharply, the feeling of hunger will increase, leading to overeating. As a consequence, weight gain, and this is at best.


8 диетических продуктов, провоцирующих переедание

Cereals with milk, especially if they are also made according to all the rules of healthy eating, seem to be the ideal option for a quick and hearty breakfast. Unfortunately, this assumption is completely wrong. Recent studies have shown that the less water in foods, the less they saturate our body. And now evaluate the flakes from this point of view, yes, they are rich in fiber and vitamins, but, unfortunately, they do not give a feeling of satiety. And even milk is not able to radically change something here. Of course, breakfast will be denser with him, but not by much. It is better to replace the flakes with a similar in essence, but more satisfying and “wet” porridge, oatmeal, for example.

Fruits and berries

8 диетических продуктов, провоцирующих переедание

Of course, fruits should be present in the diet, but to hope that they will satisfy hunger and protect from overeating is stupid and in vain. Firstly, at least because nutritionists advise eating them to speed up metabolism (read, the faster the food is digested, the sooner you will want to have a snack). Secondly, there is glucose and fructose in fruits. What happens when the blood sugar level rises, and then sharply tends to zero, you yourself know…


8 диетических продуктов, провоцирующих переедание

Another product that seems to be the perfect choice for an uncomplicated and healthy snack. It seems that there is protein, calcium, and various bacteria useful for digestion — the question is, what is wrong with this wonderful yogurt. Well, at least with the same sugar, but the most important thing is its texture. Yogurt is liquid, it cannot be chewed, and largely because of this, our brain does not perceive it as a full-fledged meal and does not transmit to us a signal of satisfaction with what we have eaten. You will not get a full-fledged pleasure from such a meal, and after a couple of hours the body will require supplements. In order for yogurt to become truly nutritious, it must first be without flavoring additives (sugar). Plus, there should be something to chew in it — add a handful of nuts or flakes to it (they are just right here).


8 диетических продуктов, провоцирующих переедание

Herbal smoothies with vegetables, fruits and almond milk are certainly good and healthy, but they, like yoghurts, are too liquid to saturate the body. It has been proven that our body does not take into account all the calories coming from liquid food. As a result, it turns out that eating only soups and smoothies, we get much less nutrients than if everything is the same, but in the form of solid food.


8 диетических продуктов, провоцирующих переедание

We do not call for giving up juicy greens. We just remind you that by itself it does not saturate at all. Even, on the contrary, it awakens the appetite, causing the desire to eat. To make the salad nutritious, add something protein, lean meat or fish, unsalted nuts, vegetables or fruits, olive oil or even cheese to it.

Frozen yogurt

8 диетических продуктов, провоцирующих переедание

We are sure that you, just like us, like to finish lunch or dinner with something sweet. It seems to us that it is this last note that will give our body a stop signal, “you can no longer eat.” Meanwhile, everything is just different. Not only are these empty calories, but they also contain sugar, which, as you know, only whets the feeling of hunger. Frozen yogurt has received an approving title of diet ice cream among fans of healthy eating, but we hope that now you understand that it is no better than a sundae.


8 диетических продуктов, провоцирующих переедание

Pesto, salsa, guacamole – it doesn’t sound very dangerous, but in fact it is these additives that are responsible for overeating. According to numerous studies, the more diverse your meal tastes, the more calories you eat. What can I say about those sauces that, in principle, whet the appetite – usually they contain various mixtures of hot pepper.

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8 диетических продуктов, провоцирующих переедание

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