7 Unexpected Ways to Use dry shampoo

A remedy from the Soviet past — dry shampoo — suddenly reappeared on the shelves and became almost a must-have for every decent girl. The only thing is that we use it now not only for washing our hair.

7 неожиданных способов применения сухого шампуня

Make curls lush

If you want to create the illusion of wind in your hair, then just dry shampoo will help to portray such an effect, careless, lush curls. Curl your hair with a curling iron, let it cool, distribute a small amount of the product through your hair and gently whisk with your fingers. Dry shampoo will give the hair a matte finish, divide each curl into waves, and thanks to the texture will fix the hairstyle. In the end, you will get a natural and natural styling, as if you didn’t try at all.

Disguise overgrown roots (if you are blonde)

Buy a shampoo in the form of powder and apply the product over the overgrown dark hair roots. Unlike the spray, the powder gives a white tint to the hair, which in this case will definitely be its big plus.

7 неожиданных способов применения сухого шампуня

Give volume to hair

Lean forward with your head down and spray the shampoo spray on the roots. Help the hands to distribute the product through the hair, wait a little and you can take the usual position. The effect will be noticeable immediately — the hair is instantly lifted at the roots.

Make a perfect fleece

There is no better means of fixing the fleece than dry shampoo. It holds perfectly, while not gluing the hair. Combing the tangles later will be much easier than after using gels or varnish.

7 неожиданных способов применения сухого шампуня

Fix invisibles

So that these small hairpins do not slip off the hair, but remain exactly in their place, apply a little dry shampoo to them before using. This trick has long been used by all celebrity stylists, the effectiveness of the method has been tested by all the red carpets of the world.

Lift the bangs

As we have already found out, dry shampoo is good when volume is needed, so if the bangs have already lost shape, and there is no time to get to the hairdresser, take note of this item. Apply a little of the product to the roots and a little on the lowest strands that are adjacent to the forehead. So the bangs will rise a little and will not climb into the eyes.

7 неожиданных способов применения сухого шампуня

Fixing thin hair

If the hair is too thin and smooth, which is why they do not even hold elastic bands, and any styling seems an impossible task, before working with the hair, “weigh down” them a little with dry shampoo. It will give the necessary rigidity to each hair and, unlike lacquers and mousses, will not create the effect of dirty hair. After this simple manipulation, you will be able to build at least a Tower of Babel on your head.

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