7 rules of successful makeup that many ignore

What is the significance of a good mirror in the issue of successful makeup and what is really behind the “natural” makeup of celebrities.

7 правил удачного макияжа, которые многие игнорируют

Legendary makeup artist Trish McAvoy is one of those who generously shares curious beauty discoveries without making it the secret of the century. The author of the bestseller “Make-up of a confident woman”, Trish shared makeup cheat sheets, which, in her authoritative opinion, everyone needs to know about.

You really need a good mirror

Enough has already been said about the process of applying makeup, but most of us still do not attach due importance to the mirror. So, a high—quality mirror with illumination (cold, similar to daylight), which plus everything can be rotated (to see the result from different angles), is a really important purchase. In addition, good lighting in the room where you usually do your daily makeup also contributes to a great result at the end.

7 правил удачного макияжа, которые многие игнорируют

Trish McAvoy with a model

Instead of a face mask — night cleansing

McEvoy advises the models with whom she has to work as a make-up artist, on the night before an important shoot, not to do a moisturizing face mask, but to use an exfoliant. It perfectly exfoliates the skin and removes the keratinized epidermis, thereby making the skin softer, due to which the tone will be smoother and the complexion will become better.

First of all — eye makeup

A full-fledged make-up should begin with applying decorative cosmetics to the eyelid area (of course, after the appropriate base). This will allow you to easily remove excess loose products after the eye makeup is finished. As a result, the rest of the make-up will not suffer, at least because you will do it next.

7 правил удачного макияжа, которые многие игнорируют

Use good dense brushes that do not climb, and clean them properly

If your brushes even slightly climb during the application of their products or during delicate cleaning, then they need to be replaced. Speaking of cleaning: it is necessary to wash only the lint, so that no water gets on the handle or on the place where the metal clip holds the villi, if possible (otherwise sooner or later it will soften the glue that holds the villi together). In addition, Trish is sure that it is not necessary to clean the brushes with an expensive tool of a popular brand. No worse than the usual, without dyes and a pungent smell, soap.

If you are tired, do not apply bright makeup

This is paradoxical, but, according to McEvoy, bright makeup made with a large number of decorative means will only strengthen the “tired face syndrome”. Therefore, in cases of overwork, take a weightless tone-fluid, concealer, translucent cream blush and moisturizing lip gloss for beauty.

7 правил удачного макияжа, которые многие игнорируют

7 правил удачного макияжа, которые многие игнорируют

Apply the highlighter correctly

The eternal truth, which is remembered by if not everyone, then very, very many: the highlighter is designed to be applied to the protruding points of the cheekbones, to the inner corners of the eyes and to the subcutaneous arches to create the effect of a “natural glow” of the face. However, according to Trish, it should also be applied to other areas: makeup artist has defined for herself a universal zone — the so—called “triangle of light” – an inverted isosceles triangle, which conventionally begins under the eyes and ends at the Cupid’s hole. This also favors a 100% “highlighted” face effect.

The “no makeup” effect is achieved by… makeup

McEvoy is sincerely happy for those celebrities who absolutely do not hesitate to go out honestly without makeup (for example, for Alisha Keys). But if you think that you are not “reaching” your Instagram ideals with the hashtags #nomakeup, and, therefore, are not ready for such experiments, reflect on whether the faces of models and actresses are often really so “clean”. Many celebrities admit that their “natural” image is achieved with the help of, for example, care products with a toning effect, the presence of a contour pencil, light mascara and barely discernible weightless cream blush.

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