7 most fashionable products of 2022: you just have to try them before the end of the year

The past year has brought a lot of new things in terms of food trends. What items should be included in your diet — we tell you in our material.

7 самых модных продуктов 2022 года: вы просто обязаны их попробовать до конца года

Trends in nutrition do not change as quickly as, for example, it happens in the fields of beauty and fashion, but the effect of changes in diet has a much brighter and more noticeable effect, manifested not only in mood, but also in the quality of life in general. What trends in nutrition will come to us next year? And which products will be the most popular and why? We answer these and other questions together with Yulia Enhel, the founder of the international corporation ENHEL Group, which conducts a long—term successful business with Japan in the field of anti-age innovations.


According to the English-language portal of healthy eating tips Dotdash Meredith, in 2021 the number of requests for algae increased by 54%, which indicates a steady increase in interest in this topic.

In many cultures, algae have long been familiar ingredients that are used for cooking and the production of biologically active additives. Scientists believe that the inhabitants of the Japanese island of Okinawa owe their longevity to microalgae chlorella, which has long been grown here and is considered the most environmentally friendly and useful in the world.

This microalgae is a natural plant biostimulator. Chlorella is an ideal superfood for vegetarians and raw foodists, a source of inulin (valuable dietary fiber), vitamin D3, iron, beta—carotene and iodine. Thanks to its rich vitamin composition and powerful detox effect, it perfectly restores the digestive system and maintains a normal balance of intestinal microflora, as well as provides a comfortable healthy weight loss and strengthens the immune system.

It is most convenient to take it in the format of ready-made drinks and dietary supplements: for example, in the form of jelly with algae extract or tea with chlorella powder dissolved in it. For fast and effective elimination of toxins and general rejuvenation of the body, a course of 10-14 days is prescribed with three daily chlorella intake, and for therapeutic rejuvenating and cleansing effect, it is recommended to use chlorella once a day for a month.

7 самых модных продуктов 2022 года: вы просто обязаны их попробовать до конца года


This kind of Japanese tea occupies a special place among others and is considered one of the most useful. It’s all about the unique technology of growing and manufacturing the product, which allows you to maintain maximum nutritional properties.

In fact, the same tea bushes are used to make both black and green tea. But matcha tea intended for production is grown mainly in the shade in order to activate the production of chlorophyll in the leaves and increase the content of useful substances in them. At the same time, only the pulp of the leaves goes into production, without veins and stems: it is crushed to a powder state, so that it can then be brewed and consumed without straining.

This is the main difference between matcha tea and others, since such an unusual method of preparation allows you to get uncompromising benefits from the drink. In addition to the powerful rejuvenating effect (this tea has 13 times more antioxidants than pomegranate and 125 times more than spinach), matcha provides a stable and prolonged burst of energy without the effect of overexcitation, unlike coffee. It also allows you to comfortably lose weight thanks to catechins, which promote the oxidation of fats and reduce sugar levels in the body, providing a long-lasting feeling of satiety.


This spice is called golden not so much because of its color, but for its benefits and value. The unique properties of turmeric have been known since ancient times: it is actively used in Ayurveda, a traditional medical system with a 5,000—year history. Professor Anupama Kizhakkevettila, a member of the Board of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, considers turmeric extremely useful and important. And now the spice is experiencing a rebirth, as scientific research is discovering new positive effects of turmeric for the human body.

The active substance in the spice called curcumin is a powerful natural antioxidant that effectively resists free radicals in cells and slows down the aging process in them. Turmeric is also used as a strong immunomodulator and a safe natural antibiotic to protect the body from viruses and infections.

In addition, white curcumin (contained in one of the 90 varieties of this plant) has a mild cosmetic effect on the skin, delicately lightening pigmentation and leveling the tone of the face. Once in the body, it is broken down into tetrahydrocurcumin (THC) — the most bioavailable form of curcumin — and is perfectly absorbed. As a result, the skin protective barrier is restored, sebum production is reduced and inflammation on the face is reduced.

Turmeric can be consumed orally, mixed with warm water, milk or tea, as well as added to vitamin cocktails, smoothies and when cooking. It is recommended to take it in courses, during the change of seasons. White curcumin (White Curciminoid) can often be seen in the compositions of skin care products and dietary supplements of directed action.

7 самых модных продуктов 2022 года: вы просто обязаны их попробовать до конца года

Useful flour

A resident of Russia on average eats 120 kg of bakery products made from wheat flour of the highest or first grade per year. And this significantly exacerbates the problem of overweight among the population. The fact is that ordinary white flour is made from the starchy part of wheat grains: it is devoid of valuable nutrients, but it is rich in fast carbohydrates that provoke overeating, contribute to gaining extra pounds and can lead to diabetes.

Now we are seeing a trend to abandon such flour in favor of healthy — whole grain, rye, almond, coconut, rice, buckwheat. And next year it will only get stronger. For example, almond and coconut flour is rich in easily digestible proteins and fats that do not strike a blow to the figure.

Whole—grain flour is a real storehouse of fiber: natural dietary fibers are digested for a long time and do not provoke the production of insulin, which allows you to avoid hunger attacks and the accumulation of excess fat. Rye flour contains 30% more iron and 50% more potassium and magnesium than wheat flour. Rice contains half as much fat as wheat and there is no gluten. And buckwheat contains useful lysine, which harmonizes digestion.

Potato milk

According to research, about half of the population of our country has lactose intolerance. And according to global statistics, almost two thirds of the planet’s inhabitants are affected by this. Milk from nuts, cereals, legumes and seeds will not surprise anyone now. But next year we will have a new variety — potato milk.

Already now in some European countries and in China it can be seen on store shelves. This milk is made from boiled potatoes and the water in which it was prepared. It does not contain lactose, whey, soy, gluten and nuts, so it is absolutely hypoallergenic and ideal for vegans.

Alcohol without alcohol

From challenges and fashionable austerities, abstinence from alcohol is confidently transformed into a mass movement of awareness and self-care. The American supermarket chain Whole Foods this year recorded a record increase in demand for alcoholic beverages with zero alcohol content. The brand recommends manufacturers and suppliers to launch new lines of drinks that will combine the taste and sophistication of alcohol, but will not contain alcohol.

The idea has already been supported by actress Blake Lively, who runs the family business for the production and sale of gin. She has released a line of carbonated non—alcoholic tonics – natural, kosher and ideal for consumption in its own form without the addition of alcohol.

7 самых модных продуктов 2022 года: вы просто обязаны их попробовать до конца года

Meat of vegetable origin

Not only vegans, but also doctors talk about the dangers of red meat. According to research, its excessive use increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, the development of colorectal cancer and type II diabetes.

The US Food and Drug Administration conducted a population survey in 2019 and found that about 80% of Americans plan to replace part of their meat diet with alternative products in the coming years. And 21% of respondents expressed their willingness to become vegans at all. The type of food with a gradual rejection of animal products is called reductorianism. We will see the development of this trend this year.  

Already today, various companies around the world are actively producing vegan shrimp, mushroom protein cheese and meat-free nuggets. In our country, not so long ago, a startup competition for the production of products from yellow peas was held. Technologists presented developments for the production of seafood based on vegetable protein. Experts predict that the usual salami and prosciutto will be presented with alternatives of plant origin in the near future.

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7 самых модных продуктов 2022 года: вы просто обязаны их попробовать до конца года

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