7 main rules of spring hair care

Each season dictates its own rules of hair care. We tell you how to support their health and beauty with the onset of the warm months.

7 главных правил ухода за волосами весной

With the arrival of spring, I want to get rid of heavy outerwear. Take off your hat at last — and shake a luxurious mane of hair! That’s just not every girl will be able to make such a beautiful gesture, because over the winter the curls lose their attractive appearance. Dry indoor air, warm hats, lack of sunlight and vitamins make the hair dull, and their tips are strongly split.

If irritation of the scalp, non-disappearing dandruff and sticking strands are added to all these signs, then this is an urgent reason to contact a specialist. But the usual transition from a cold season to a warm one can be “cured” by competent care. It is enough to adhere to seven simple rules so that a lush and healthy wave of hair attracts the eyes of others again. We analyze them together with a surgeon, the founder of the hair transplantation clinic “Doctor Bircan” Sait Gokhan Birjan.

Rule #1: Wash my head properly

In the off-season, nourishing and regenerating shampoos and balms come to the fore. For a while, you will have to put aside funds to give volume and pay attention to masks. Of course, you can always use old grandmother’s recipes, but cosmetology has stepped far ahead and bypassed them for a long time. So save time and feel free to use hair masks from shops and salons – 1-2 times a week will be quite enough.

The higher the temperature outside, the cooler the water should be when washing your hair. Room temperature water improves blood flow to the hair follicles, seals the scales of dry and colored hair.  It is also worth using a mild shampoo, without sulfates and parabens.

The recommendation for the optimal frequency of hair washing is 1 time in 2 days. But not everyone can withstand such a period, especially the owners of a mixed type of hair (dry at the tips and greasy at the roots). Therefore, the usual rule comes into effect here: wash your hair as it gets dirty.

7 главных правил ухода за волосами весной

Rule #2: Dry your hair on a cool hair dryer mode

It’s good when time allows you to dry your curls naturally. But most often it is always tight, so rubbing your hair with a towel and a hairdryer with hot air comes to the rescue. But with the arrival of spring, it’s worth forgetting about it. The towel exists only for light, soaking movements that remove excess moisture. Before drying with a hair dryer, be sure to apply thermal protection, and adjust the air so that it seems like a cool breeze “).

Yes, most likely, you will have to allocate a little more time for drying your hair, but it’s worth it. After all, hot air will make your curls even drier, plus it can switch the sebaceous glands of the scalp into a mode of intensive work. And one more piece of advice: give up curling irons and irons in everyday life. Of course, you can curl or straighten your hair to go out. But you should not do this every day if your hair is not in the best condition.

Rule #3: Do not forget about moisturizing

In winter, hair tends to get dry, so they are in desperate need of hydration. A moisturizing balm can come to the rescue, as well as all kinds of sprays, creams and serums. The latter are applied to wet or dry hair after washing and do not require rinsing. Their composition most often includes glycerin, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, biotin, extracts of medicinal plants. The main thing here is not to confuse the “tops and roots”. Apply moisturizers to the ends and along the entire length of the hair, avoiding the roots.

Rule #4: Part with split ends

Many girls are trying their best to heal split ends. Alas, this is an aimless waste of time, effort and money. There are no miracle serums and oils to solve this problem. The funds only temporarily glue the split hair, but it is worth stopping using them, as the magic will instantly go away.

There is only one sure way out — to contact a stylist. Believe me, no one has ever died from a beautiful haircut. And when you part with 3-5 centimeters of length, you will even breathe a sigh of relief when you see the absence of split ends, ugly tips. In addition, it is much easier to take care of hair that does not split. Easy combing, washing and application of nourishing masks is guaranteed.

7 главных правил ухода за волосами весной

Rule #5: Nourish the hair from the inside

We are what we eat. This axiom is quite applicable to hair care. Spring vitamin deficiency affects not only the work of organs, but also the appearance. So, it’s time to give up hearty winter food, fatty and spicy, and switch to the spring-summer menu. Include more nuts, fruits, vegetables, and greens in your diet. Indulge yourself more often with fish dishes, beef or chicken liver, dairy products and eggs.

As for vitamins, February and March traditionally require charging with vitamins D, A, E and group B. Do not forget about trace elements – zinc, iron, calcium. Usually all this enters the body with certain products, but in the off-season vitamins in capsules and tablets are relevant.

Rule #6: Choosing the right comb

Frequent hair loss and fragility are more dependent on … combs! That is why for curls of different lengths, you need to choose your own comb, which will not hurt them. Experts recommend taking a closer look at natural materials, for example, wooden combs with natural bristles. However, most likely, they will not suit the owners of very long hair. In addition, there are a lot of convenient combs made of modern materials that do not electrify the strands and easily untangle even knots.

Incredibly, but a fact: many often forget about the simple instructions for combing. Firstly, it is not necessary to comb wet curls immediately after washing. Dry them a little, apply a moisturizer, and then get to work with a comb. Secondly, start to untangle the strands from the tips, gradually rising higher and higher to the roots.

And, thirdly, hold the curl with your hand, which you are putting in order. This way you will be able to avoid sharp hair stretching. And, of course, do not forget about the smoothness of movements. The slower the comb slides through the hair, the cooler the result. You can combine combing with self-massage of the head. This will increase the blood circulation of the roots and allow new hairs to grow faster.

7 главных правил ухода за волосами весной

Rule No. 7: We include salon procedures in the care

Contact the salons, to a trusted master – you need to! Just tell him about the hair problems in advance. You may have to wait with coloring or transition from brunette to blonde, stopping at gentle toning.

Salon care procedures should solve the issue of split ends, prevention of hair loss, and the return of healthy shine to them. With dry and lifeless tips that double, or even triple, a haircut with hot scissors or polishing will cope. For everything else, there is keratin. In addition, spring is a great time for SPA treatments with essential oils, elumination, glazing, molecular gloss.

So, you follow all seven rules of hair care, but something still goes wrong. Did you take off your hat ahead of time? Despite the bright sun outside the window and the singing of birds, it is still better not to part with a headdress until stable + 5 degrees – both in the afternoon and in the evening.

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