7 care products that should not be applied before going to bed (and why)

We often convince ourselves that the skin is renewed at night, and the application of additional care products promotes regenerative processes. However, scientific research indicates that not everything is clear on this issue.

7 уходовых средств, которые нельзя наносить перед сном (и почему)

When applying night care products, especially oily in texture and nutritious, we cover the skin with a dense layer, as a result of which it is deprived of the opportunity to renew, remove toxins and breathe. Together with cosmetologist Peter Pashkov, we talk about the most common ingredients in the compositions of night remedies with proven negative effects.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is a derivative of petroleum products. This compound can cause irritation of the skin around the eyes. It is also often found in shaving products — we recommend avoiding it in night skin care.


Hydroquinone is a frequent component of whitening creams and cleansers. The scheme of its action is as follows: the cream penetrates into the skin of the face and does not allow melanin to stain the skin cells – keratinocytes. It would seem that everything is harmless here, but if the hydrochionon cream contains more than 2-4%, such a composition has a carcinogenic property.

7 уходовых средств, которые нельзя наносить перед сном (и почему)

Lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate

These components disrupt the normal level of sebum and often cause irritation of the skin around the eyes, but they pose a real threat if they remain on the skin for more than an hour. Therefore, they should not be in your night care.


Almost every night cream contains substances that end in “paraben”. Here are examples: Butylparaben, Methylparaben, Propylparaben. These substances are used as preservatives. And despite the fact that parabens are considered safe, modern studies have proven that methylparaben accelerates skin aging.

Aluminum Acetate

In a night cream, it plays the role of an astringent component. But the following fact is of interest: it was originally intended to create waterproof fabrics. An interesting analogy with the skin, isn’t it? After that, do not be surprised that in the morning you may encounter abundant peeling on your face.

7 уходовых средств, которые нельзя наносить перед сном (и почему)


It is added to the cream as a bactericidal substance. It will definitely cause hypersensitivity of the skin to morning sunlight, itching and redness. Therefore, it should be avoided in both night and day care.

Organic oils

Organic oils are extremely useful for dry and fading skin, but harmful for oily and sensitive acne. But in any case, if you apply products with organic oils in the composition at night, the pores will definitely clog up. In this case, there will be rashes.


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