5 tricks of dentists, because of which you overpay

We understand how not to become a victim of unprofessionalism and preserve dental health.

5 уловок стоматологов, из-за которых вы переплачиваете

The beginning of the 90s is one of the most difficult stages in the history of the development of domestic dentistry. Against the background of political and economic events in the country, most dentists faced trials that not everyone was able to endure. Those who overcame them were forced to adapt to the realities, and often this was done without taking into account the interests of patients. It was at that time that the tricks resorted to by doctors became widespread. 

Now the situation has changed. Social networks, feedback, profile aggregators with ratings make it impossible to successfully develop any well-known dental center in which gray schemes are practiced. But doctors in small offices, unfortunately, in some cases continue to use the credulity or ignorance of patients. 

How to determine what they want to earn from you? Together with Vladimir Shipkov, the chief physician and owner of the dental clinic Dr. SHIPKOV dental clinic, we analyze five typical tricks of unscrupulous specialists.

1. The absence of a contract or only the appearance of one

Legal support of dental treatment or prosthetics is the gold standard for respectable dental centers around the world. If you have not been offered to conclude a contract before the implementation of the protocol, this should alert you. Well, when your offer to do this is answered with excuses or an unequivocal refusal, looking for another clinic will be the best possible solution.

5 уловок стоматологов, из-за которых вы переплачиваете

It is important to study the rights and obligations of the parties in the contract. This should be a full-fledged agreement that describes the services in detail, their nature, scope and cost. Ideally, the papers should indicate the responsibility of the center in case something goes wrong, and legally fix guarantees for the work performed, materials used or structures.

2. Treatment of non-existent diseases

Amateurs or outright scammers resort to this technique. Usually in such situations, they can begin to treat caries, giving out pigmentation or a harmless crack as symptoms of its development. But there are situations when would-be specialists attribute more serious ailments to the patient. This can cause damage not only to the patient’s budget, but also to himself, so vigilance never hurts.

To exclude the appearance of “pseudobolars”, ask the doctor to explain on the basis of what the diagnosis was made, and look at the test results, pictures, 3D model or video with him. Specialists who have nothing to hide will willingly explain not only what to do, but also answer the questions of how, why and why. If we are talking about serious diagnoses, it makes sense to get advice in several places and compare the conclusions of doctors.

3. Imposing optional services

5 уловок стоматологов, из-за которых вы переплачиваете

This is one of the most harmless tricks, but only for the patient. The budget in such cases can suffer very significantly. Additional paid analyses, consultations and examinations with related specialists, the informative expediency of which is very doubtful, are one of the most common tricks.

To avoid unnecessary expenses, ask the doctor to tell you about all possible solutions to the problem and choose the most suitable one for you. More expensive does not always mean that they want to deceive you, but the doctor should honestly tell about the advantages and disadvantages of each. Unfortunately, some dentists forget about this.

4. Recommendation to remove a tooth when it can be easily saved

Treatment or re-treatment takes a lot of time and requires a much higher qualification from a specialist. In addition, the commercial benefit from therapeutic measures is almost always less than from implantation or prosthetics, which dishonest doctors certainly offer to the patient in such cases.

Any competent dentist will say that his teeth are better than artificial ones in any case. Therefore, it always makes sense to try to save them. If you are persistently offered removal, ask the doctor to explain his decision. Holes, chips and partial destruction are not always good enough reasons.

5 уловок стоматологов, из-за которых вы переплачиваете

5. Services and materials are cheaper than stated

The result of a visit to the dentist depends not only on his qualifications and the equipment used, but also on the materials used. It is unlikely that the patient will be able to understand that instead of a light-curing seal, a conventional composite one was installed for him. Not everyone will be able to distinguish a Chinese fake from an original Swiss implant either . Visually, they also look beautiful, but there will certainly be questions about their durability. The situation is exactly the same with medicines and specialized services.

Guaranteed protection from all these tricks will be only the impeccable reputation of the clinic. Always contact only trusted dental centers: this way you will automatically reduce the risk of getting to unscrupulous dentists and going along with their tricks. 

Dentist, chief physician of the clinic of Dr. Shipkov.

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