5 tricks of cosmetologists, because of which you overpay

If it seems to you that going to the salon literally drains the budget, this is a good reason to find out the real state of affairs. It is quite possible that such expenses should not be blamed on your own spendthrift, but on the dishonesty of a cosmetologist.

5 уловок косметологов, из-за которых вы переплачиваете

In the number of procedures that are presented on the beauty market today, you can certainly get confused. And if you do not have a good guide or a specialist whom you trust 100%, most likely you will have to study a lot of questions yourself before deciding on a particular procedure.

Today, many doctors themselves say “trust, but check”, since not all cosmetologists and plastic surgeons are conscientious. Some are silent about the possible consequences, others – about how much this or that drug works, others claim that once resorting to plastic surgery, you will forever remain young and beautiful, hiding that each intervention has its own “expiration date”. The cosmetologist Madina Bayramukova told us about the main tricks of beauty specialists, because of which you overpay.

Procedures that don’t solve problems

5 уловок косметологов, из-за которых вы переплачиваете

If the cosmetologist’s office is equipped with certain types of devices, and the specialist himself owns a small list of procedures, then most likely they will assign you only what is available or at hand from a specialist, and not what will solve your problem in the best and least expensive way.

Therefore, before agreeing to the procedure, take a time out, think, read articles on the Internet, visit another clinic to understand how else you can solve your question. And whether the procedure that is persistently offered to you is exactly right for you.

Saving on hardware treatment

Unfortunately, not all modern cosmetology clinics buy good equipment. The Russian market is flooded with counterfeit devices. Many clinics frankly save on equipment, because the difference in cost is noticeable: the price for real rejuvenation devices reaches 7-8 million rubles, and a Chinese fake can be bought for 300-500 thousand, and it will look about the same.

Naturally, the cost of procedures is also reduced, but it is not worth waiting for the very result that they write about on the Internet from fake Ulthera, Fraxel or Zeltiq. To protect yourself, contact only certified medical centers and require certificates for any procedures you come for.

5 уловок косметологов, из-за которых вы переплачиваете

Make sure that the batch, batch and drug numbers exactly match the numbers on the ampoule and the name of the drug, if we are talking about an injection procedure. Do not forget to check the certificate for the device and the availability of certificates from a specialist who allows him to carry out certain procedures. Be sure to take photos “before” and “after”, which will help you prove your case if necessary.

Reducing the number of procedures for the sake of economy

It happens that you go to the clinic, a specialist collects an anamnesis and offers a course of procedures to solve your problems. But you understand that you cannot afford a full course financially and are interested in whether it is possible to reduce treatment to 1-2 procedures. And the doctor meets you halfway, although it’s great that you can’t get a visible effect of rejuvenation or improvement of the skin condition for such a small number of procedures.

Thus, after two procedures, you are either forced to continue treatment in order to get the necessary effect, or you simply lose financially if you decide to end it. “In this case, it is better not to start treatment, save up money and then immediately do everything well, than to go through an insufficient number of sessions and be disappointed,” is what ideally a specialist who is interested not only in earning money, but also wants to really help the patient should say.

5 уловок косметологов, из-за которых вы переплачиваете

Substitution of treatment with cheaper analogues

The price of really working hardware procedures is really high — it consists, among other things, of the cost of equipment, as we have already said above. However, coming, for example, to the procedure of radio wave lifting, you can get a cheaper level of service: it will also be RF-lifting, just on another device.

If you have to pay, for example, 200 thousand rubles for one thermage session, and this procedure will be enough for high-quality rejuvenation and skin tightening, then RF-lifting will cost 5-10 thousand rubles on another device, although you will need to do 10 procedures to get the “same effect”. But you are unlikely to get it, since a cheaper device does not have those capabilities. Most likely, it does not warm up the skin to 60 degrees Celsius, which means that the effectiveness of the procedure will be different.

Proposal to solve the problem in gentle ways

Today cosmetology goes hand in hand with plastic surgery. Some procedures allow you to delay surgery or in some way are an alternative to surgical treatment. But not all problems can be solved by minimally invasive methods — you should not forget about this either.

5 уловок косметологов, из-за которых вы переплачиваете

There are many alternatives to classical blepharoplasty — the same radio wave lifting, the use of plasma energy, the AccuTite procedure, but they all have a fairly long recovery period, and some of them are traumatic and do not give the effect that can be obtained by resorting to classical blepharoplasty.

If it is still possible to cope with a slight overhang of the eyelid with the help of these procedures, then it will be possible to remove hernias of the lower eyelid (fat bags under the eyes) only surgically. Therefore, before agreeing to treatment, think carefully about the decision — it may be worth visiting another specialist to have several points of view and opinions in your arsenal.

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