5 things that are useful to do before breakfast (and why)

At night, our body rests, and all the processes in it are less intense, since it takes a minimum of effort to maintain the body at rest. But after waking up, he needs a little help to recover. How to do this – we tell you in our material.

5 вещей, которые полезно делать перед завтраком (и почему)

The perfect morning is the morning you dedicate to yourself. Together with nutritionist and nutrition and balanced lifestyle specialist Marina Bessonova, we have prepared a small charter for a competent start to the day: these are simple rituals that will become an integral part of your awakening and will positively affect your well-being. And in addition, they will start the digestive process and set up the gastrointestinal tract to work well during the day.

Drink some water

5 вещей, которые полезно делать перед завтраком (и почему)

If you drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach, it effectively affects the work of the body. During sleep, all the processes occurring in it slow down, and a few sips of water allow you to restart them with the right intensity and make up for the lack of moisture that the body lost overnight with breathing.

This simple habit will rid the body of accumulated toxins overnight and set up the digestive system in the right way. In addition, with such a useful ritual performed on a regular basis, your skin will definitely thank you with a radiant appearance and a clean tone.

Do some exercises

At night, we practically do not move, so stagnation occurs not only in the blood and capillaries, but also in the lymph, and it is she who removes waste products — toxins, bacterial and viral cells – from the body. Therefore, a full-fledged restart of the body’s work is impossible without additional stimulation of the lymph.

For this purpose, the “Vibration” exercise according to the Katsuzo Nishi technique is perfect.

  • Lie on your back on the floor, arms and legs outstretched, gaze directed upwards.

  • It is better to put a roller under the neck: according to the author of the technique, this will reduce the load on the cervical vertebrae.

  • Lift up your arms and legs. Do not try to straighten them as much as possible, avoid tension.

  • Place your feet parallel to the floor surface, with your fingers pointing upwards.

  • Start vibrating (shaking) your arms and legs at the same time.

  • Perform for 1-2 minutes.

Take care of your body

5 вещей, которые полезно делать перед завтраком (и почему)

No, pinching yourself for 30 seconds is not enough. Be sure to give a massage 5-10 minutes of your morning time. Which one exactly? Massage therapists and beauty industry specialists know about one of the most effective massages at home — dry brush massage. Perform it daily to stimulate the flow of lymph, get rid of congestion (the main cause of cellulite) and start the natural detoxification process.

Accept the asana

To help the body start digestive processes after sleep, you can turn to yoga – an ancient source of health and longevity “). It has special asanas that positively affect the work of digestion. One of the most effective is padangushthasana.

Stand up straight, put your feet hip-width apart, you can bend your knees slightly. Start tilting your upper body down. Your task is to reach the tips of your fingers (ideally, palms or elbows) to the tips of your big toes. Breathe evenly. Lean as far as your flexibility allows you. Every day your result will get better.

This asana enhances digestive processes, improves blood circulation and reduces stress levels — what you need to start a productive day.

Think over your breakfast

5 вещей, которые полезно делать перед завтраком (и почему)

Breakfast is the key meal of the day. Choose a diet that will give you energy and have a beneficial effect on vital processes in the body. This means that all the calories eaten should benefit him — after breakfast you should not feel heavy and be subject to “breakdowns” during the day.

Perfect Breakfast Options:

  • porridge + nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts) + high-quality oil for dressing (butter, olive, pumpkin);

  • eggs + wholegrain bread toast with avocado and herbs;

  • tofu omelet + fresh vegetables and herbs.

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5 вещей, которые полезно делать перед завтраком (и почему)

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