5 skin problems that can be solved with vaseline

Vaseline is the perfect answer to any question that concerns traditional off-season skin-related problems. We tell you what difficulties this miracle remedy can solve.

5 проблем с кожей, которые можно решить при помощи вазелина


In this case, vaseline plays two functions at once — a warning and a protective one. Firstly, applied in a thin layer 10 minutes before going outside on areas of the face that are particularly sensitive to wind and cold, it will serve as a barrier between the skin and the treacherous environment. Be sure that when you return from the street, you will not notice any changes on your face — it will still be moist and fresh, as if you have not just received cold and wet flakes of snow or drops of spring rain on your cheeks.

Secondly, if your skin still managed to experience all the “delights” of walking in bad weather, and small cracks and peeling appeared on your lips, forehead and nose, feel free to apply vaseline with a thick layer over the irritation. This will not only accelerate healing, but also create a protective border that will not allow harmful bacteria to penetrate deep into the epidermis and cause infection or another inflammation.

Dry elbows, knees, cuticles…

Everything that even the most stellar moisturizing balm cannot cope with, you can trust the old vaseline without a twinge of conscience. Elbows, knees, feet, hands, lips are the most difficult areas of the body to care for in winter. Dry indoor air from heating, synthetics that we put on ourselves every day, hot baths that save us from the frost on the street, but turn the skin into a desert, do not help in this situation, but only on the contrary aggravate the situation. To speed up the process of skin regeneration, use one of the most common tricks for extra-moisturizing. Apply a thick layer of vaseline to the problem area and wrap it well with a thick cloth at night, for example, putting socks on your feet, gloves on your hands, and if it comes to knees and elbows, leggings or a tight-fitting jacket with long sleeves. In the morning you will notice a huge difference.

5 проблем с кожей, которые можно решить при помощи вазелина

Eczema and psoriasis

With such diseases, the skin needs strong, but at the same time as soft and gentle hydration as possible. Most creams may not be suitable because of their complex compositions, which include numerous additives. Vaseline also consists of a mixture of mineral oil and solid paraffins, which makes it one of the least allergenic skin moisturizers.

Inflamed eyes

As soon as you leave the threshold, your eyes begin to water, itch and blush, as if you are not making a snowman, but cutting a burning onion? It’s hard to believe, but you can also cope with such a problem with the help of vaseline. Apply a thin layer of ointment to the skin around the eyes – under the lower eyelid and on the upper one – and give it a couple of minutes to absorb. Such a simple technique will protect the delicate and thin skin from the wind and at the same time from tears, which may well flow from it and become another cause of irritation.

Chapped lips

5 проблем с кожей, которые можно решить при помощи вазелина

In the matter of combating cracked lip skin, vaseline really has no equal. It perfectly replenishes the balance of nutrients, thanks to the oils included in the composition, and perfectly protects against dehydration due to paraffins, which do not allow dry air and strong wind to test the strength of your lips.

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