5 Non-Obvious Symptoms of Impending Arthritis That You May Miss

Arthritis is not necessarily characterized by pain. Learn about other signs of this unpleasant disease and how to deal with it.

5 неочевидных симптомов надвигающегося артрита, которые вы можете пропустить

The word “arthritis” is associated with annoying pain, but this disease can manifest itself through other symptoms. The good news is that if you contact a specialist early on, you can minimize the damage and minimize the symptoms. So pay attention to the list of non-obvious signs of impending arthritis, so as not to miss anything.

Reducing the range of motion

You may notice that certain movements are no longer given to you easily. It can be both jumping and fine motor skills — it depends on the affected joint. The symptoms listed below may complicate the warm-up, but remember that it is movement that will help improve blood circulation and reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

5 неочевидных симптомов надвигающегося артрита, которые вы можете пропустить

Poor joint mobility

Joint stiffness is extremely common in arthritis. When this condition develops, it may be difficult to move the joint. They may become less elastic than usual, and you may notice that the stiffness increases when you first wake up in the morning and lasts for about an hour or more. Cold weather can also worsen this symptom.

Chronic joint pain

Joint pain, which persists on a permanent basis or regularly worsens, is considered the main symptom of arthritis. The pain tends to get worse over time, especially without treatment. If you have osteoarthritis, which occurs due to mechanical wear and may provoke inflammatory processes over the years, you may notice joint pain in one or both knees or hips, which is considered a particularly common case. If you have rheumatoid arthritis caused by a reaction of the immune system, your pain will be symmetrical, and if you feel pain, for example, in the right wrist, then it will be felt in the left.

5 неочевидных симптомов надвигающегося артрита, которые вы можете пропустить

Swelling around the joints

Swelling of the joints occurs against the background of an increased amount of fluid in the tissues around them. This is especially true for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis and gout. Psoriatic arthritis affects about 30% of people with an inflammatory skin condition — psoriasis. Gout develops with an unusually high level of uric acid in the body. All these deviations deserve special attention.

Redness of the joints

Joint redness is often the result of inflammation, so when inflammation is observed in the joints, the hue in this area often changes. You may notice that redness appears or increases as the swelling increases. At the same time, the area around the joint or joints may be warm to the touch. This is also associated with inflammation.

5 неочевидных симптомов надвигающегося артрита, которые вы можете пропустить

What to do?

Experts remind that although there is no cure for arthritis, it can be treated in ways that are aimed at significantly improving the quality of life. Help to level the symptoms:

  • healthy diet

  • weight loss

  • smoking cessation

  • control over stress levels

  • physical therapy

  • injections of hyaluronic acid

  • endoprosthetics

  • prescription drugs

  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

  • steroid injections

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