5 mistakes in home hair coloring, and how to avoid them

Together with an expert, we understand how to competently bypass all the traps placed in the way of home coloring.

5 ошибок в домашнем окрашивании волос, и как их избежать

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Any experienced hairdresser can immediately tell at the first glance at the client’s hair whether she is wearing makeup herself or in the salon. In most cases, home coloring is performed with a large number of errors that immediately catch the eye of a professional. And that’s what most often points to them:

  • The hair is dull, completely devoid of shine from 3 cm from the roots to the tips.
  • The hair color looks strangely lighter in the root zone and becomes darker towards the ends, or, conversely, lightens almost to whiteness.
  • Hair gets tangled in windy weather, combing them without special tools is a big problem.
  • On closer inspection, dividing the hair into strands, unpainted spots are visible in the root zone — a sure sign of sloppy application.
  • The hair color looks “alien”, ages, frankly forgives the appearance and has nothing to do with current trends in coloring.

5 ошибок в домашнем окрашивании волос, и как их избежать

What can lead to such shortcomings? Let’s look at the most common mistakes.

1. Incorrectly selected type of paint

The means for coloring the overgrown root zone is always more aggressive (stronger) than gentle toning compositions, so the purchased paint should be applied only to the roots and in no case smeared on already dyed hair. Due to the oversaturation of the colored part with pigments, the ends will become much darker than the roots, and if you repeat this mistake over and over again, you will get a full-fledged black. Eventually, you will encounter dullness, uneven coverage and problems with the structure of the hair.

2. You do not take into account the amount of gray hair

If there is not enough gray hair, feel free to choose the shade you like, but pay attention to the recommended level of the original tone — it should be similar to yours. Also, do not forget that the manufacturer always gives useful recommendations for coloring on the packaging of the product. If there is a lot of gray hair, then you need to choose a natural color of the same level as the paint to the desired shade.

As a rule, it is indicated by the first digit. The natural shade has the designation “0” in addition to the level. For example 6.0, 8.0, etc. Subsequently, when diluting, you should mix both dyes in a ratio of 1:1. And one more thing: the more gray hair, the lighter the shade of paint should be. Remember that arguing with nature is to your own detriment.                  

3. The shade is not your color type

5 ошибок в домашнем окрашивании волос, и как их избежать

On this issue, it is best to consult with a specialist beforehand, but if you decide to make an independent choice, remember all the recommendations you received earlier. There is another good way not to miss the choice. Determine which of the movie stars you look like, and find a similar shade. Avoid extremely bright colors and do not make momentary choices that you may regret later “).

4. You apply the paint yourself

Ask your friend, mom, daughter, neighbor — anyone about it, just don’t start applying the paint yourself. Accuracy and accuracy are important here, which will not be one hundred percent if you decide to do without outside help.

5. You do not follow the instructions for diluting the paint and do not observe the exposure time

It is naive to think that if you applied black paint and kept it half as long as indicated, you will get a light ashy. Alas, this is not so! Thus, you will simply spoil your hair and get a shade of “noble swamp mud”, which is simply impossible to get rid of at home. In most cases, beauty requires compliance with rules and discipline, so if they are unusual to you, be prepared for negative consequences.

Stylist, designer, owner of the author’s beauty studio Volifert Studio.

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