5 foods that a nutritionist would never eat

We inspect our refrigerator, and at the same time our eating habits.

5 продуктов, которые никогда бы не съел диетолог

In terms of food, it is impossible to find a more picky gourmet than a nutritionist. Of course, for ordinary people, their diet will seem too rigid and limited, but some rules are definitely worth adopting.

Processed meat

That is, any semi-finished meat products: sausages, cutlets, sausages and other products that can potentially contain a large amount of salt, preservatives and other additives. Nutritionists advise to completely exclude such products from the diet, since, among other things, they contain harmful fats that do not have the best effect on health and cholesterol levels.

Ketchup and other purchased sauces

5 продуктов, которые никогда бы не съел диетолог

If you carefully study the label of such products, you will find that almost everywhere, with very rare exceptions, sodium, sweeteners or sugar will be contained in incredibly large quantities. It would be much more correct to make a salad dressing yourself or to do with olive oil alone than to eat such an artificial product.

Colorful lollipops

5 продуктов, которые никогда бы не съел диетолог

Oddly enough, but children’s sweets are most often the most harmful. An excessively large amount of sugar and various food dyes will leave a mark (literally and figuratively) not only on dental health, but also on weight. Empty calories, which are contained in lollipops and caramels, will not satisfy hunger at all, but on the contrary will awaken a brutal appetite. We wrote about this effect here and here.

Raw fish and raw meat

5 продуктов, которые никогда бы не съел диетолог

This restriction is no longer about calories, but about your safety. Raw animal products may contain pathogenic microorganisms. As a consequence, the use of unprocessed meat or fish can lead to illness or, at best, to an eating disorder. To avoid unpleasant situations, make sure that the products of this kind used are cooked at least to the minimum level when harmful microorganisms die.

Frozen dishes

5 продуктов, которые никогда бы не съел диетолог

Ready meals that require only defrosting are strictly prohibited by nutritionists. As a rule, they contain such an amount of salt, sugar, preservatives, spices and flavor enhancers that will make even paper edible. They also have absolutely no fiber and at least some useful substances.

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