4 signs that you are wearing fashionable things incorrectly

Sometimes, in search of unusual combinations, you can easily cross the line and get an outdated outfit assembled from trendy things. We tell you about several common mistakes (and their solutions) that can be made when combining some wardrobe items.

4 признака, что вы носите модные вещи неправильно

Trending novelties, coming off the catwalks and getting into the wardrobes of fashionistas, often turn out to be very capricious in combinations. Sometimes it seems that they make perfect pairs only with companion things that are similar in stylish “temperament”. But this is far from the case, Oksana Samarina, the author of the channel about fashion and style in Yandex, is sure.Zen.

During the year, everyone missed the summer: people want to dress up and go for fresh and vivid impressions. A control look in the mirror “on the track”: check yourself, are you combining fashionable things correctly?

Grandma’s wardrobe

4 признака, что вы носите модные вещи неправильно

Taming (and simplifying) a fashionable organza blouse. First of all, it is worth remembering that it is an accent thing in itself. If you combine it with the wrong clothes, a complex style and a bow can add age. Choosing a blouse with an active print as a companion, there is a risk of looking too elegant or out of date. And complete with a midi length pleated skirt, you can become like a modest teacher.

How to fix: wear with the simplest and most understandable things. Let it be jeans, loose-fitting trousers or a plain straight sundress.

In fact, the blouse is light and elegant by nature and ready for experiments: it can be worn as a second layer on a flesh-colored top. Under the translucent organza, it will become completely invisible — it will seem that you have put a shirt on your naked body. To deflect “naked” suspicions from yourself, you can add a touch of brutality to the image by trying on a blouse with leather trousers with an extra high fit. In such a spectacular bow, it’s time to hurry to see off the summer sunset — it’s so fleeting! 

“Pythagorean pants”

4 признака, что вы носите модные вещи неправильно

4 признака, что вы носите модные вещи неправильно

Flowing trousers to the floor look stylish and, in addition, expertly lengthen the legs to the mark “from the ears”. However, you can admire how they sit on the figure and smoothly repeat the movements when walking, except on models flaunting at fashion week shows. In real life, wearing maxi pants is almost impossible. It’s hard to imagine how to squeeze into them during rush hour in the subway or walk through the streets of the city without sweeping every square of paving stones behind you.

How to fix: in the ankle area, tie up strappy sandals. They seem to be made for such trousers. The resulting folds will add the right carelessness. The mood of the image immediately changes: it becomes playful, like summer itself.

Overkill with oversize things

A few years ago, hypertrophied oversize was at the height of fashion and the girls wrapped themselves in immense sweaters, coats and down jackets, behind which it is difficult to see the figure. Now we are seeing a gradual return to classic femininity: semi-fitting silhouettes, delicately sliding fabrics and a perfect fit do not shout about sexuality, but subtly hint at it. How to look more feminine if the “over-habits” remained in the wardrobe?

How to fix it: combine the spaciousness of the cut and stylish accents.

4 признака, что вы носите модные вещи неправильно

4 признака, что вы носите модные вещи неправильно

If two voluminous things are adjacent in one image, place the accents correctly — on the waistline. For example, belting trousers with a long belt, tie it in a curly or twisted knot, and leave the ends free — it will be stylish. You can also follow the principle of fashionable balance and pick up things according to a well—known rule: fitted top – loose bottom. This way you will not get lost in volumes, balance the proportions and add dynamics and lightness to the image.

As an exception for summer walks, we leave a cloud dress with puffed sleeves: slender legs in sandals will take all the attention and take the blow away from the oversize. Also, an airy dress will look good with open sandals, thin straps of which will emphasize elegant ankles.

Shoes for a bag, a bag for shoes

Do you continue to wear a bag and shoes in the same color and faithfully follow the rule “red should be supported by red”? Although there are times when it is not difficult to find a bag in the color of shoes, but getting “tone-to-tone” has long become an archaic stereotype. Modern fashion destroys all patterns and shamelessly adds a “spark” even in the calmest beige monochrome.

How to fix: Experiment with color.

4 признака, что вы носите модные вещи неправильно

4 признака, что вы носите модные вещи неправильно

If there are lavender fields under your feet (that is, lavender shoes on your feet), then in your hands is a bouquet of mint (that is, a bag of this shade). Is the principle clear? Jumping into green boats, add tangerine juiciness to the image and grab a cross-body in the color of cheerful citrus. Blue sandals and a yellow bag are also subject to the addition principle: this example is very summery! Nude—colored sandals with transparent silicone inserts or ivory shoes will perfectly get along with bright handbags – perhaps this is the most concise version of the color combination.

Of course, the classic combinations of white, black and red remain out of trends and time. And even these quite predictable duets can be incredibly stylish thanks to the texture of materials and small details. Black pumps with white polka dots and a red bag – how do you like this combination with a touch of retro romance? In a word, combining opposites, set the tone for the whole image!

Modern fashion teaches you to think outside the box. Today, going beyond the generally accepted framework is allowed and even encouraged. That is why street style fashionistas have boldly stepped forward and are putting not only wide straight trousers, but also sweatpants into the “fetters” of sandals. And, admittedly, they do it very effectively.

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