4 bad habits that spoil vision (and how to get rid of them)

Medications prescribed by an ophthalmologist are unlikely to help you if you do not take the trouble to get rid of dangerous habits beforehand, which are the root cause of vision impairment. We tell about the main ones in our material.

4 вредных привычки, которые портят зрение (и как от них избавиться)

The eyes are an organ that allows a person to receive a huge amount of information and enjoy all the beauty of the surrounding world. At first glance, it may seem that this truth is as old as the world, but in fact we do not always think about the fact that seemingly harmless habits can cause significant damage to vision, without which life loses the lion’s share of its colors. We decided to sort out the most common and harmful of them together with the chief physician of the SPECTRUM ophthalmological clinic, Candidate of Medical Sciences Tatiana Fadeikina.

Prolonged stay behind the screen

In this case, we are talking about a computer screen or a gadget. And this is probably one of the most urgent and widespread problems at the moment. The habit of not getting out of the phone or being at the computer for a long time without rest for the eyes always leads to a significant deterioration in vision. Due to the fact that the eye is in constant tension, focusing on the screen, its hydration is disrupted, resulting in the development of “dry eye” syndrome.

Expert advice: “It is very important to regulate the time of using gadgets. If this is a work necessity, take regular breaks to rest your eyes. Ideally, in order to maintain good vision in conditions of frequent and prolonged work at the computer, it is necessary to do gymnastics for the eyes” (read also: “Tips of an osteopath: 15 effective exercises for good vision”).

4 вредных привычки, которые портят зрение (и как от них избавиться)

Improper use of contact lenses

Wearing lenses initially threatens the risk of infection in the eyes. Prolonged contact of the lens with the cornea of the eye and infection there, for example, in the process of putting on the lens with dirty hands, can have extremely negative consequences. Therefore, when actively using lenses, it is necessary to clearly follow the instructions for their use and storage. From the main point: do not use the disinfectant solution repeatedly, do not change the lenses (left to right and vice versa), do not wear lenses for more than the prescribed period, take them off at night, etc.

Expert advice: “Lenses should also be removed before taking a shower, swimming pool, sauna and swimming in the sea. Bacteria and dirty substances can settle on the lens and provoke inflammation.”

Wearing low-quality sunglasses

Sunglasses, contrary to popular belief— are not only an element of style, but also an important component of eye health. Ultraviolet rays can damage the retina, as well as increase the risk of cataracts. They are mandatory to wear in sunny weather, at sea and driving.

Expert advice: “When choosing sunglasses, it is first of all necessary to take into account not the brand and the frame, but the presence of UV filters — only in this case the eyes will be reliably protected from the negative effects of solar radiation.”

4 вредных привычки, которые портят зрение (и как от них избавиться)

Non-compliance with hygiene rules

It is necessary to take care of your eyes and prevent dirt or bacteria from getting into them — including carefully controlling the desire to rub your eyes, especially with dirty hands. At this point, it is important to remember that bacteria easily move from the outside to the inside of the eye, which can cause eye inflammation.

Expert advice: “Also, do not forget to wash off makeup before going to bed and do not go to bed with makeup residue. Often, particles of mascara can get inside the eye and cause irritation or inflammation. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the quality and shelf life of decorative cosmetics, because it can also negatively affect the health of the eyes.”

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