10 books about beauty and health that every woman needs

Everything is important: the choice of a suitable outfit, makeup and hairstyle, a toned figure and, of course, a blooming skin appearance. Especially for you, we have prepared a review of books that will help you always stay on top.

10 книг о красоте и здоровье, которые нужны каждой женщине

Self-care books

“Beauty myths. The whole truth about botox, stem cells, organic cosmetics and much more.” Tiina Orasmae-Meder, Yana Zubtsova

10 книг о красоте и здоровье, которые нужны каждой женщине

In the modern world, it is very easy to get lost in the variety of incomprehensible terms, advertising companies of famous brands, secrets of grandmothers and advice from loved ones on which care products are the most effective. If you did not plan to get a medical education in the near future and put experiments on yourself, then there is only one way out — to read about the 50 most common beauty myths. The book by cosmetologist Tiina Orasmae-Meder and popular journalist Yana Zubova is a real must-have for those who want to maintain the condition of their skin without spending a lot of time and money searching for untested care products.

“The myth of beauty. Stereotypes against women”. Naomi Wolf

10 книг о красоте и здоровье, которые нужны каждой женщине

“The Myth of Beauty” is a cult work by Naomi Wolf, an American writer and journalist. It has been translated into dozens of languages and is the most quoted and discussed feminist work. In the book, the author talks about where stereotypical ideas about beauty come from and what they can lead a woman who strives to follow each of them. In pursuit of universally recognized standards, many of the fair sex lose their individuality, natural beauty and sexuality, putting not only their appearance at stake, but also sometimes their lives. The author claims that a woman herself has the right to decide how she looks, without looking back at the dictates of the created beauty myth.

Books on proper nutrition

“Eat, move, sleep. How everyday decisions affect health and longevity.” Tom Rath

10 книг о красоте и здоровье, которые нужны каждой женщине

The author of this book has been successfully fighting a deadly disease — cancer for more than 20 years. Tom Rath has developed for himself a rule of life consisting of three basics: food, movement and sleep. According to the author, we absolutely do not pay due attention to such, at first glance, little things as: choosing a dish for breakfast, live communication with friends or using the Internet, sleeping or watching your favorite TV series — every minute makes sense. The rules set out in the book, of course, are known to everyone, however, together they give birth to a whole new approach to their own life and health.

“Intuitive nutrition. How to stop worrying about food and lose weight.” Svetlana Bronnikova

10 книг о красоте и здоровье, которые нужны каждой женщине

Women who are absolutely satisfied with their appearance probably do not exist in the world. But if skin care is not very difficult, then things are different with weight loss. Raw emotions, stress or dissatisfaction with something in their life pushes ladies to uncontrolled eating of food, they tend to “jam” their problems. An attentive attitude to your body will help change the situation: listen to it, and you will learn to hear the signals of hunger and satiety that it gives us every day. 

“A year lived correctly. 52 steps to a healthy lifestyle.” Brett Blumenthal

10 книг о красоте и здоровье, которые нужны каждой женщине

We promise ourselves to stop eating sweets, start jogging daily, drink at least two liters of water a day every Monday, but very often we cannot live at this pace by Wednesday. Then maybe it’s worth starting a change in life not so fast? This is exactly what the author of the book is talking about, offering the reader to go through a program consisting of 52 small changes (from nutrition to physical activity and attitude to the outside world) during the year. According to Brett Blumenthal, one change a week will not be burdensome for you, but will eventually lead you to a healthy and happy lifestyle that will accompany you for many years to come.

“Now I eat whatever I want! David Yan’s power system”. David Jan

10 книг о красоте и здоровье, которые нужны каждой женщине

David Yan, founder of ABBYY and co-author of ABBYY Lingvo and ABBYY FineReader programs, in his book talks about four types of food that we enjoy eating and teach our children to them. They increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, obesity, as well as a number of oncological diseases. The author of the book brings to your attention a new nutrition system based on evidence and experimental confirmations verified by personal experience and time.

Books on style and makeup

“Audrey Hepburn. Secrets of style”. Pamela Clark Keogh

10 книг о красоте и здоровье, которые нужны каждой женщине

The most talented actress and charming woman, Audrey Hepburn, throughout her life has fascinated fans not only with her acting, but also with delightful images, a style unlike any other. Thanks to a critical look at her own appearance, this charming woman skillfully hid her flaws, emphasizing only her advantages — her innate taste never failed her. Pamela Clark Keogh tells about the peculiarity of her unique style and how it was formed in her book, helping to take a fresh look at the style icon who won the hearts of millions.

“What would Grace do? Secrets of a stylish life from the Princess of Monaco”. Gina McKinnon

10 книг о красоте и здоровье, которые нужны каждой женщине

Grace Kelly is an example of a great woman, a mother, a talented film actress and a real icon of the style of the era. She is the epitome of elegance, sophistication and success to this day. Gina McKinnon reveals the secrets of the brilliant Princess of Monaco, collecting tips and life lessons for readers based not only on victories and success, but also on the mistakes of an outstanding woman. How to learn modern manners, find an individual style and always look great, meet your prince and raise children while remaining this irresistible woman and hospitable hostess — read in the book “What would Grace do?”.

“The Fashion Bible”. Tim Gunn

10 книг о красоте и здоровье, которые нужны каждой женщине

The author of this book is a great connoisseur and researcher of fashion, the host of the American show “Project Runway”, a witty and elegant man. Go with him on an exciting journey through the world of fashion, and he will tell you about every piece of clothing that has been created since ancient times. Not a single milestone in the history of the development of world fashion will escape you, and the process of the evolution of things – from the crown of Cleopatra to the sandals of Elena the Beautiful, from the business suits of the heroes of the TV series “Dynasty” to the trouser twos of Hillary Clinton – will turn into understandable and quite natural.

“Bobby Brown. Makeup. For beginners and professionals.” Bobby Brown

10 книг о красоте и здоровье, которые нужны каждой женщине

A unique book by Bobbi Brown, a makeup artist and founder of her own cosmetics brand, has absorbed 25 years of professional experience of a master of her craft. With the help of color photos, diagrams and detailed instructions, the author will teach you how to apply makeup the way professional makeup artists do. The book has everything to create your own unique image: the basics of skin care; a list of antioxidants and vitamins necessary to maintain health and beauty; tools for perfect makeup; descriptions of corrective products and decorative cosmetics for the face, lips and eyes.

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10 книг о красоте и здоровье, которые нужны каждой женщине

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